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"I am the brutal axe" - Get a total of 100 heroes kill as bloodspike
"Brutal!" - get a total of 1000 minions kills as bloodspike
"True survival" - Run away from a fight having 1HP left
"Old master" - Get 10x combo with cygnus
"Killer instinct" - Get a double kill
"The Shadow" - As  Midnight get 50  stealth heroes kill
" The Assassin" - As Blackaw or Midnight get 100 heroes kill
"One Hero fan" - Get a hero to level 100.
" I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" - Get 5 stars on all maps.
"Super Kobold parade" Win a siege co-op by using only Kobolds
"Looser" - Loose a match where the enemy party has 1 rift point left
"Turning the table" - Win a match with 1 rift point ( can be done on both modes).
"Own a gin distillery" - Get a total of 10k Coins in a match
"What is love?" - Use Gabriella Devil's allure on 100 minons
"Stop taking souls!" - Get 100 heroes kills as Oziel
"Chaos school" - Have all Zoey's Buffs triggered in a match.
"Your face on my book" - Get a kill using BookClub.
"Trap Engineer" - Craft 10 parts.
"magic identity crisis" - change magic schools 1000 times as zoey
Sneaky cat - get invisible before dying 5 times in a game
happy family - have 40 stacks with bionka's passive
IMMORTAL- get 900 souls stack with oziel
ice breaker - kill 200 frost heroes as smolder
I said gather! -  heal 1,000,000 points of damage as ivy
Pillaging phsyco - Get 40k pillaging points in 1 game
unstoppable - get a 10 game win streak
Can't touch me - go 10 games without dying
friendly fire - get 100 kills against members of your own guild
Maestro - get 20 assists in 1 game
back to the basics - destroy an enemy rift with a light orcs
Let's get physical - use only physical damage traps on kill box
Dont run away : stun or snare enemy hero's 20 times in a game
is it cold in here -be frozen for a total of one minute
Can't even breathe - die 20 times in a game
elven sniper - get a double kill with one penetrating arrow as ivy
Staby stab stab: Get 3 kills in a row with midnight
it's a trap! place 500 traps
there's no I in team -fight against a five-person team in matchmaker and win
telepathic teammates - complete an entire match without anyone saying anything in team chat
guardian slayer - land the finishing hit on 20 guardians
Got the last laugh - kill enemy hero with 1-3% health left
beginner's luck-  kill 10 players with higher account levels than you
pop quiz - stun yourself three times in a row as zoey
gettttt dunked onnnnnn - kill 20 heroes by knocking them into environmental hazards with knockback abilities
I must Ax you a question: hit enemy hero's with hogarths ax 100 times
Mechanic: use gnomish repair kit 100 times
Shocking - kill an enemy hero with the AoE damage from killing a minion with lightning damage
Over protective: disable 1000 enemy traps
small dwarf, big damage - kill 500 large minions as dobbin
insult to injury - taunt in the enemy's rift room as their rift collapses
water under the bridge - dance in your own rift room as your rift is collapsing
Diverse: play and reach the level 20 of 5 hero's

More suggestions guys? :D
@Cousin @Extendedfreezer helped a lot with ideas :D

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  • "True survival" - Run away form a fight having 1HP left

    That sounds annoying =P

    Well there should be one about getting to level 100 with one hero.
  • Jacowboy said:
    "True survival" - Run away form a fight having 1HP left

    That sounds annoying =P
    How about, escape a fight with 0 HP left, it can be done, but is hard.
  • Jacowboy said:
    "True survival" - Run away form a fight having 1HP left

    That sounds annoying =P
    How about, escape a fight with 0 HP left, it can be done, but is hard.
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    Guardian on Vacation: finish a game without losing any guardian
    Surprise! :kill a player with dobbin's tunnel buff
    Party time! : Play with a party of 5 player on Friday night
    Need more practice: got kill by bots more than 10 times in a game
    Want to get banned: kill a developer 20 times in a game
    Brave soul: 1v5 against bots in endless and die
    Stand on fire: get kill by fire decoration
    Lava bath: stand under lava trap in surival
    Ready to rage quit: kill 3 or more players at once with zoey's bookclub
    Ready to get banned: leave a game during the countdown
    Sharks say hi: drowns 10 times in shark map in surival
    Cheesy: kill a guardian with midnight or blackpaw without any minions present
    Turophile: cheese all the guardains in single game
    Trap Decoration: Place a icicle/ibouder chute and never uses it
    Heros must die!: Use hero seekers to kill player 100 time in siege
    Extra protection: let minions walk through the same type of glpyh twice
    There is no Charlie: participate in closed/open Beta
    It is so shinny: Level a trap to tier6
    The 'Spring" trap: launch 6 minions at once with flip traps
    Me Crushed by Boss: Get killed by a boss in siege/surival
    Rip FPS: explode 100 boom barrel at once!
    You touch to hard: Get killed by your own attakcs from max's Cannot touch this
    In whose face?: miss max's In your Face 100 times 
    Aimbot: Kill a player with feebie's attack while that player is 30 yard from you.
    Paper Barricades: Get barricades destroyed 100 times.
    We need more traps: Level all the traps to tier 7
    GO home! you drunk!: kill 1000 minions while they are walking back to their portals in survival
    Where were the cookies?: Kill a freindly player with dobbin's tunnel.
    Millionaire: make a total of millions coins in surival/siege.
    I really hurt myself: Get max killed within 3 second after place down a trap.
    I dont have a license: Snowball off the cliffs with Tundra's Avalanche.
    Over 9000!: Deal 9000 heroes damage in a siege game.
    Bird is the word: chat with a player with Bird in his/her name
    Patriot: block a rocket archer's rocket and die
    Born ready: press Z before the ready up message is shown
    Guardian's guardian: kills 1000 minions near by a low health guardian.
    You shall not pass!: Kill 1000 minions in rift room with Cygnus.
    Strike!: Kill 10 minions at once with Stinkeye's Bowling Ball trap.
    Let it go!: Use freedom trinket for 10 times while FROZEN
    Watchdog: Bites an enemy heros with Blackpaw in rift room.
    One does not simply Endless: reaches wave 50s in all endless maps.
    Meanwhile at your base..: lose a game while your team minions are about to reach the rift and win the game for you in siege.
    Money is everything: brought back from the death with coins in survival.
    Are we there yet?: Reroute the minions with the barricade such a way that the minions will take much longer to reach the rift.
    Ashes to Ashes: Kill  Smolder within 3 second after Smolder uses From the Ashes.
    Target Practices: Land range attacks 10000 times in siege.
    The Wall: Use wall traps only and win a game in the Wall map.
    Home Alone: Solo a lv 100 map and get 5 stars.
    Home, Sweet Home: Stand on the throne with Bionka in the Throne room Map.
    Domestic Abuses: Kill 2000 orcs with Bionka and Bloodspike.
    Little Girl: Nuke down 20 heavy minions at once and a guardian with Zoey.
    I get my license: Use Snowballing weaver upgrade for Tundra in a game.
    That was fast!:Use a speed pad and fell into the pit near the central fire pit in the Unchained Fortress.
    I demand refund: Sell 1000 traps during ready up phase.
    Story of my life: Knock 25 minions directly into the rifts with physical traps.
    Homecoming: Play unchained heros in the Unchained Fortress.
    I need Mana!: Get Ozei killed within 3 second after using Essence Siphone with atleast half of the life sacrifice.
    I didn't sign up for this: Get your barricades destroyed by placing a guardian or a Gabrella's retainer near by the barricades.
    Every details matters: Destroy all the caches ,have atleast 3 glyph putting down, and cap the natural objective within in a wave in Siege
    Son of a...: Kill Bionka with Bloodspike after Bionka takes damages from orcs..
    Stay cool: Make 100 minions freeze at least 15 second within 20 seconds.
    You were an accident: Kill Tubifore and Surge(the orc boss in survival I hope i didnt get the name wrong) with Bionka.
    I thought we had something: Kill and get killed by a friend 20 times in siege.
    How did that happen?: Get Ivy killed in a siege tutorial.
    Firework: Uses Feebie's wraith with Zoey in all the map on July 4th.
    Who needs barricades?: Win 10 siege matches without using any barricades.
    Party hard: Play 100 games with a party of 3 or more players.
    Grind with grinder: Obtain 100 rift cores by beating Survival games with just Grinder, no other trap is allowed.
    Try too hard; Deal 10 million damage in an endless game.
    Hey! That's mine! : Steal a friend and a enemy pillager's cache.
    I thought it generates power: Die next to a power generates 20 times.
    Out of range:Dodge hero seeker ballista' arrow 10 times.
    You are not my type: use Freedom trinket 10 times while affects by Garberlla's Devious Allure.
    Just passing By: Destroy a cache while teammates near by are defending or attacking.
    I thought he is our enemy: Use Rum-rudder guardian and have it kill 100 orcs.
    Family reunions: Place down Lion, Dragon, Sun, and Moon guardians in a game.
    I should get a job: Play more than 1000 hour in this game in less than 5 month.
    Meatshield! - Die by tanking damage for your friends
    Is that all you get?- try to use a skill without mana 50 times.

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    Yo mama so fat: Disable enemy traps with Bionka Bounce 80 times
    Jumping Maniac : Use Blackpaws pounce to a kill 100 heroes.
    Bite me I dare you: Dodge black paws bite 5 times in a game
    Thanks for stepping in: Snare enemy heroes 10 times with midnight during a game.
    Don't move for your queen: Stun enemies 70 times in a game with Gabriela
    Ice to meat you: Freeze all enemy heroes during the game.
    They see me rolling they hating: Use Tundras avalanche 40 times in a game
    The Mining Terrorist: Kill 15 heros with dobbins spare dynomite
    You get a shield! and you get a shield! Everyone gets a shield!: Use Max's "can't touch this" to shield ally heros 5 times in a game.
    DON'T WORRY I GOT THIS!: stop enemy kill streaks 5 times in a game.
    1 man army: Kill all 5 enemy heroes 3 times.
    Slowed down for what? : place 10 tar vtar or web spinners in killbox
    Burn Enemies Everyday: Choose all damage and cooldown weavers for smolder.
    Arrow to the Knee: Kill 100 enemy heroes with Ivy's penetrating arrow
    Everything changed when the fire traps arrived: Have 20 fire based traps in killbox
    What a shocking conclusion: Have 20 lightning based traps in killbox
    Mana mana manamana mana mana manamana MANA!! : Use mage's clover or picnic a 1000 times
    YUNO what I'm talking about: have 3000 enemy hero kills with a melee hero
  • For that don't die for ten games solo queing, make that a siege pvp exclusive one. difficult for even the best of us.
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    Bearly make it!: Get 5 star with Tundra and get the par time with less than 3 second left.
    The true Rift lord: Get 5 star and have won all the Rift lord maps with Cygnus.
    Archery trainning: Shoot the dummy with Ivy in Training Ground.
    Goody goody: Kill MoneyBag within 5 second after it appears.
    For the Order!: play Ordered heros and kill 5000 Unchained minions.
    For the Unchained!: play Unchained heros and kill 5000 Order minions.
    Just doing my job: Kill unstable rift at once with each heros
    You are not my boss: Kill every boss atleast once using any of the Big Game Hunter trap. 
    Gravedigger: Dig a tunnel with Dobbin in the graveyard section of Temple Graveyard
    Glitch in the Matrix: ues Rumrudder Guardian to kill Rumrudder Boss in any of pirate theme maps.
    My hammer is bigger: use Blacksmith Guardain to kill Armor Grizzlys.
    Wrong coupon: Win a game with the wrong type of trap discount trait that doesnt match any type of the traps you are using.
    I've got everything covered! Put down a wall trap, a floor trap, a celing trap, and a guardian in a game.
    I wil bulid a great wall!: Put down 500 Great Wall Barricade in the Wall.
    777 jackpot: Uprade alteast a wall trap, a floor trap, and a celing trap to tier 7.
    Master and Apprentice: Complete a map in Apprenticen diffculty,and a map in Master diffculty in a party with Cygnus and Max.
    Treasure hunters: Obtain 100 chests.
    Wall Buliding Master: Use Wall Buliding Phd Trait atleast once in all of the Master diffuclty maps.
    Permant Head Damage: Win a game in every map with Wall Buliding Phd Trait and Barracdes/the Great Wall only.
    Sewer Pest Control: Kill 10,000 kobolds/Satyrs and Swiftyhoove 20 times in Academy Sewer.
    Fire Extinguisher:Kill 20,000 fire type minions with ice traps.
    Rift Sniper: Kill 50 unstable rift with ballista/dragon lancer.
    The polyn: empower 72 traps at once with Cygnus's pylon.
    I told you: Kill enemy or minions 2000 times with Max's You Cannot Touch This.

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  • Noooo Robot you did it wrong! It was supposed to be "" I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" - Get 5 stars on all maps."
    not star killer... we are not even killing stars on this game :P

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