Goodbye Siege day...

SenatorBirdSenatorBird Member
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Since Siege is dying I think we could schedule a time for a goodbye. Robot did not share a date but it said " coming weeks", I think it is possible really soon.
I dunno what is the time zone of most people here so I suggest that we come up with a date and time together here at the forum.
Beside that, we could make it all pre made... But i think it would be a better idea if on that day we all went Solo q! Why? Because that was how day one went for most of us when it was out at steam! We did not knew each other and we were learning the ropes... Now we know but we can make a friendly goodbye trying to play with each other and having fun playing against one another, even some of our best friends.
What do you think guys?

And if anyone did not like the tittle and want to gimme a suggestion I am up for it.


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