Farewall siege party

Before this game ends , and yes i said game because i dont see survival as a game here.
Everyone needs to come together and all premades/teams need to play together in a tournament style mode for one last event for our friend, Siege.


  • orc, I'll reinstall for that.
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    Lets get a list of people / teams who are down for this and i can start setting up a tournament layout and we can hold this on siege's final days.
    So if youre down for this just leave a comment , if youre alone or with a group leave that as well and if youre alone ill match you up with other players who come alone as well . Dont worry this is intended to be fun so dont think youre going to get stomped if youre alone or less experience.
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    One thing, can we agree not to have two things: Blackpaw on cliffside and bionka's love my soldiers weaver?

    As for groups, the glass group one I would love to have
    @XGPZX and @LUFFYY on offense
    @MADRABBIT and @SUNKENBIER on defense
    and myself as pillager.

    For this to work guys, Rabbit, I need you to be open to a bit of change in your defensive style and Sunken, for you to practice more with you know who.

    Sorry, @Mercuryumi, Some of the times we've played and you haven't been on the viop, it has messed us up a bit. We are going to take this farewell seriously, so I'd love to tryhard in leaving the game.
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  • Moving this over to the community discussion as well.
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  • BeSad will be on this Friday night for some pvp queuing, and maybe I can chat with the fellas about the idea, but it's gonna be hard speaking for them about their schedules right now :)
  • Like I used to say ingame "If I wanted to play Siege, I'd play (popular game name here), instead."
    With that said, the OMD franchise was never meant to be a MOBA in first place. The devs tried, but thankfully they are acknowledging this.
    And I hope it stays this way.
  • Why did you have to come here to say that? XD
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