Redemption Code not working.

I bought a pair of Plantronics Gamecome headset which came with the code, but it is not working at all.
I've tried different ways of putting it in and nothing seems to work.


  • MitchellWMitchellW Member, Moderator, Early Access
    I'm checking on this for you. Should have you fixed up by the end of the day!
  • MitchellWMitchellW Member, Moderator, Early Access
    Checking our database, it is not showing a record of a code for xMrxHollow being entered. Were you logged in when you entered the code here:!/en/me/redeem-codes

    If you have another account in our system, that might be what happened as well. If neither of those is it, could you please send me the following information via email (

    Account name used when code redemption was attempted:

    Game Code Used:

    When it was redeemed:

    Item that is supposed to be rewarded for the code:

    Any messages or errors that showed up.

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