I have been banned for spam ! :O

Hi my name is DevCist this account was banned for spamming in the chat. I was trying to have a little fun and did not know I could've got banned. I am really upset about this because there was no warning about spam in the first place.I have spent 3 days straight trying to level up my character but now I am banned , I do not wanna start over and I apologize truly . I am asking for another chance and I promise it will not happen. I really hope you look over this forum and give me another shot. I have been playing with my friend and we have been doing level 22 maps! I really need this unban. Thank you for your time of reading this



  • Also what category should I put this in to get staff's attention?
  • SnackMasterSnackMaster Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello DevCist. Bans are only temporary bans for a set duration based on severity. It isn't permanent.
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