How do you actually claim the daily login chests?

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I never opened an oak chest on day five. No big deal, really, but I wanted to see the tin chest on day ten.

So where do you go to open them? I can't find them in the workshop, and all I see in the store are the ones for sale.

It's possible that i have some extra troll giblets or something, but if so, on the daily login for the chests, there should be a click to claim button that goes to the animation, and then after it's been claimed put the checkmark up.

(I was already connected and I suspect that I was in a match when the day rolled over both times. There's a pop-up on other days that says "Reward Claimed," but that hasn't happened on the chest days.)

Edit - Was not logged in when the changeover to day 15 happened and a pop-up with a Claim Chest button appeared when i did login.

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  • FYI you are in the Orcs must die 2 forum, you are looking for the OMDU forum. It's one above this at the home screen.
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