Want The Wall to be in a higher lvl.

andy8590andy8590 Member
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It's fun to play in all but becomes to easy after a while, maybe add one in the 90- 80s range.

Want The Wall to be in a higher lvl. 15 votes

Yes I agree.
GorksternicktransueRys4kempoleon666TheFuriousDYokiandy8590youdontknowmeMielsenUndoubtedlyMrJemail10x7virusVarthftw 13 votes
I disagree.
NUMINEXPassanCat 2 votes


  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    Yes I agree.
    I liked the wall and it'd be nice to have it in the top level rotation. I suspect that this is already in the works. Currently non-endless at matchmaking is stuck at 100 crogan and I have multiple times on streams that this is going to change. The wall might well find a place at 100 due to this change. I'd be for it!
  • Yes I agree.
    Since there is a max level at the moment I am for all maps having a max level variant.
  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    I think all the maps should have a level 100 version, so the matchmaking doesn't become boring. So... not only the wall =P
  • Yes I agree.
    Yes it would be cool also if they added were you could click on that map and then see all the levels for it.
    I think with that setup it would make navigating easier and be able to implement a lot of different ranges for each level  
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