New Hero Idea: Salvador

I have a new hero idea for OMD!U; a gunslinger. What I mean is a cowboy who has one revolver that can fire 6 shots before reloading. His passive buff is each shot powers the other shots by 10%. The first ability is sacrificing all but one bullet to increast that bullet's power by 75%, maybe 100%. His second is locking in place, then unloading the cylinder rapidly with a 15% damage bonus applied to each shot. The passive buff does no't stack with the Ability Buff. First Weapon: Gold Fanner. Deals a moderate amount of damage. 2nd Weapon: Pierce the Heavens. Fires a gold shot that consumes 2 shots but has 5% increased damage and pierces enemies, the more powerful the enemies, the less powerful the shot. Intended to use to wipe out weak orcs or finish off heroes hiding behind orcs. Special trap: Bank. Bank gives you 5 more coin per second, and has a cost of 700. Now, on to Looks. He would have these black and gold pauldrens with a gold pattern like strings. Along with that, he wears a short-sleeved jacket-like armor with the same pattern of the Pauldrens, with the Rift symbol on the back. An ammo sash companies the armor set with a pair of combat jeans that have a small chain in the pocket. HE wears a hat that has the rim like a blade(From Mortal Combat), and the facial features are up 2 u. Along with the Revolver's, just think of Rose's revolver's from Elsword with a shorter barrel. I hope this idea is turned into reality :D Lemme know if this is a good idea!


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