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  • I want to chime in that the new daily quests are a problem.

    First, there is absolutely no indication whatsoever of what levels to do to pick off the exact mobs required. It is not reasonable to expect me to keep a dictionary in my head of which levels have mountain trolls or fire fiend warlocks (and, in fact, this information is not particularly tracked by players, so looking it up on Google yields nothing either). This is just sloppy and frustrating.

    Second, getting dailies that require levels that I have not even attempted is obnoxious. 

    The previous dailies were better (with the exception of "win 7|15 matches"). These are an unwelcome downgrade.
  • Ditto.  I'm not quite so down on the "play a specific level to get the daily" idea, but the pain in figuring out the level is nuts.

    Also, on the "notable enemies", apparently "Orc Crossbowmen" is good for "Orc Archers".

    That said, I don't mind the variety, but it shouldn't take what @Zelophehad said to get the quests.  I play this game with my brother and my 70+ yo dad (yep, that's right, a 70+ yo gamer who's been playing PC games since before a lot of you were born!)  At his age, he can enjoy and play these games quite a bit, and OMDU is our current bonding game, but it takes some time to adapt to a change in goto game.  If it wasn't for this aspect, we may have changed to another "goto" game by now... and it's tempting.  Little things like this are what "grumps" us all.  That, and the ever persisting already tier 7 trap cards in rewards.  :D :D
  • I was interested in having varied quests, but I have to agree with general theme of this thread.  The Daily quests are far more tedious and less fun than the older system.  Win x matches I think most everyone skipped, as baring the weekly challenge most of the master and rift lord maps took too long to run more than a few a day.  That was the only requirement I never did, but earn large amounts of coin in a match was also a little restrictive.  I don't think it needed to go though, and I do believe killing large numbers of minions without traps just has to be scrapped.  Heck, the numbers are an issue, as killing 200 frost orcs is easy and a decent daily on several maps, but complete misery if your traps don't count.  Several maps mean getting 20 troll/ogre/whatever kills are fine, but killing 20 trolls on avalanche just won't happen.

    This is a problem, because the current change basically means you need to memorize which maps are best for certain minions, then figure out what characters can easily complete this without losing too many kills to traps, and finally just run those based on what quests you got.  It has taken a marginally fun goal about playing omdu in a given day and made it a hassle, and if the above conditions mean you need to run a level again with a given character that you already have the chest for completion on it has turned to tedious.  Even worse is the fact that you can lose quest progress because your multiplayer partners baslistas killed off tubifore, who you need to run a minimum of two maps to get the kills you need, and then not have yours or your partner's traps get the killing blow on.

    While the old dailies were often quick and easily performed, or maybe were easier on some maps, they were generally just an added bonus for you while you were 5 staring rift lord maps with a friend, or trying out new setups.  I detest the new system, and would love to see the 1.7 back, with the addendum that making trap kills count would be a vast improvement over the current implementation.  If you want to have creative goals for special bonuses please look into some system of specific hero tasks or theme kills for a alternate version of a map.  Expand on weekly challenges, like a environmental kills only variant of the baths, or a mid-air special challenge that plays to the new achievements(which are not showing up in steam, I am sure you have noticed).  Likewise a special challenge that plays to a heroes weaknesses that is a limited bonus could be interesting, but a daily goal that is unimaginative is more tedious than fun.  Tracking down fire warlocks, then killing them but only getting credit for hero attacks is a pain in the orc, getting a bonus trap part for killing one while midair with Catch! is potentially fun.  

    Finally any daily quest should be at least as easy to get in multiplayer in a multiplayer game as it is playing that same game single player.  Need to earn 150.000 coin in a single match?  Why the hell should this be as simple as running avalanche or Krogon keep single, and doing the exact same thing multi is a real stretch?  Increasing the challenges of a map for multiplayer, fine.  Making accomplishing your various goals a bitch unless you go solo, not so much.
  • More on the exp daily quest being a chore rather than having fun with the game.

    It would be acceptable if the task is "deal X damage to minions" or "score X trap kills to minions" for the exp daily quest.

    +50 exp for doing master avalanche twice with a 50-50 chance of getting the last blow on a boss that only spawns once per match is just freaking ridiculous. Again, doing a single RL map will yield more exp along with getting more skulls.

    Not gonna even bother completing it nor resetting it after finishing 4 maps just to get the other two. The minuscule reward simply isn't worth it.
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    I don't like the new quest system at all.

    With the old system I could sometimes get all 3 with one map.
    Now you might need to play 3+.

    Not to mention some heroes are no good at killing an enemy, so your limited in who you can bring as well.

    So for me the new patch is 50/50.  Temper is great, Stinkeye has been ruined, and daily quests are more inconvenient.
  • The problem in the new quest falls strongly on the fact that traps don't count towards the specific kills quests. The second fault is that the new quest don't promote community play, in fact they feel more like they are forcing you to solo run maps. The problem there being that kills are not shared even during a reasonable "assist-time" among party members. The exclusiveness of certain quest having you kill minions on targeted maps wouldn't be that bad if we were told which maps to go looking for them, along with all of the above, because expecting a player to kill 10-20 minions without traps landing the kill shot can be quite extreme.

    I know all of this has been said above, but I felt like the more you see it, the more you'll know we mean  ;)
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    The quests aren't fun in any way. It's an effort to make people play more, but adds 0 fun. It's free to play garbage design added in to try and make you sink more time into the game.

  • Got the kill pride hunters quest. Went to a map with pride hunters, cleared it and it didn't move, so I abandoned it. Got kill 10 shielded trolls. Went to a map with them, after one attempt it didn't move at all. Figured maybe I just didn't reach the wave with them since I failed trying the new stinkeye out there in the first real test for me since his rework, second run I killed several and it went up by 1. I think it might have been able to only go up once per game? No idea though because then maintenance happened and when the new day came I rerolled it without thinking to try it. This was the first day I have ever failed to complete the chest collection quest since the relaunch and this was after a concerted effort to get it. So in short, I really dislike the new dailies. Not only in principal for forcing me to travel to specific maps I may not want to play, but because they seem to be bugged.
  • The new daily itself is cool but trap owner that kill the mob should count and the mob kill detection may need some tweaking. But i like the idea for revisting some map to kill specific mob type that cool.
  • Could the solution to the boss quests be changing "kill" to just require an "assist" killing the boss?

    That way you could have multiple people all get the reward from the same game, but still requires interaction, ie you can't get the reward for somebody else killing the boss while you are on the otherwise of the map. 
  • Well designed games understand that the average player probably is unlikely to spend more than an hour per day on average. Daily quests exist specifically to help these players halfway keep pace with the much smaller hardcore player base. Therefore the daily quests need to be able to be completed in no more than an hour. Any quests that are more difficult than this need to provide a correspondingly larger reward.
    I just want to pull this out because I think it's a very important point. The daily quests should be designed around enabling casual play.
  • SeanPoe said:
    Harmonia said:
    What else can help, or would make completing quests more fun and rewarding?
    Trap kills need to count towards quest progress.  This is a tower defense game after all.  (Please tell me it's a bug and not a design choice for trap kills not to count?)

    I pretty much have to change many my map designs for traps to kill way back from the front so I'll have a chance to kill them before my traps steal the kill. (when doing this I usually don't get 5* or anything close to my high scores)

    Furthermore, the actual mechanic of "hero kills only" forces use to compete with our allies, just better off playing solo so you can get ALL the X minion kills. I don't think that's what the dev's were wanting to accomplish. Maybe double or triple the kill counts, but allow ally's and trap kills to count, but count all the kills on a map. (However this would still strongly favor the high levels who can do any map and know the map/wave distribution which doesn't seem to be listed very well)

    Also, generalizing "some" to trolls, orcs, or ogres would be nice to (versus "shield trolls" "archer orcs" or "fire ogres") It feels like a bizarre Easter egg hunt
  • I dont like the kill certain enemy types. They take too long to do and arent very fun because you're forced to run a specific map for a type of enemy. Another reason i dont like them is because if i make progress on the quest it wont reroll for free the following day. I'll have to waste a reroll on it and still might get a quest i dont like. 

    I think if the quests for Chests/Exp/Skulls were repeatable but with diminishing returns they would be alot more fun and would keep me playing more matches a day. As it stands i just log in to get my Rift Lord chest quest finished and maybe the exp or skulls if they are doable. If i finished my Rift Lord chest daily another could pop up in its place but would offer a Master Chest. Next would offer a War Mage chest and so on. Same with the exp and skull rewards.

    It sounds lazy but i would prefer it if the quests objectives were just things that would happen naturally while playing a few games on any difficulty. Killing light,medium, heavy minions. Killing Bosses. Stuff like that. Or maybe every difficulty increase could give you more quest variety and higher caps? I think that would be fun. Oh, and I also dont like the win X number of games quests. 3-5 games is about all i play a day if i like who im playing with. So randomly giving me a quest to win 5 or more games is a bit too much. I like to set my own daily levels of blood thirst, thank you.

    Ok, I think i got all my thoughts down.
  • This feedback has gone to our design team for review. We'll be making some changes to the new components of the quest system, so stay tuned for details on that as we get closer to the next update.

    I'm not going to lock the thread, so feel free to continue providing your opinions if you feel there is something missing! Great feedback in this thread, everyone, thank you! 
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  • Maxmagnus20019Maxmagnus20019 Member, Early Access
    Oh wow, you need to kill the enemies yourself? No wonder I was having trouble with these daily quests. That explains a lot.

    My thoughts on it are basically everything above. I had fun logging into to complete my 3 daily quests in 1-3 games while trying to 5-star some new stages. Now I'm forced to attempt stages I've never played or replay stages I've 5-starred to get the same bonuses I used to have. My friend and I aren't enjoying the daily quests much since the latest update.

    I'm loving Temper though, fun character to play.
  • The Reaper KingThe Reaper King Member, Early Access
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    As I posted in another thread I think it is really important that the information is clear like instead of "Kill such and such boss" "Hero Last Hit such and such boss".  I still disagree with that concept since it basically means you're working against your traps, teammates and guardians but at least I have the info for what is in store.  I believe that with the minion quests you have to last hit them too.  I wish that info was at least made clear because I wasted a lot of time yesterday not understanding why my quests wouldn't register as completed when I finally asked and a nice person filled me in.  

    The new quests really aren't fun to me since I can only play casually and so if I don't get the last hit properly on a boss then there is 15 minutes gone down the tube.  And it is not really a fun challenge either, more of an annoying one.

    I do actually like the variety of the quests and it got me to play levels I haven't played in a long time which I had fun with.  I just didn't like the last hit part (especially since I didn't know about it).  I think if that was to be changed to simply killed in the level (and perhaps the level would have to be beaten?) that would take care of a lot my frustration and the frustration of a lot of others.

    Also more info in general especially about the traps would be awesome.  I had no idea Steam Traps blowing minions in the air meant that other traps hitting them while the minions in the air would do something like 3-4 times more damage.  Where do I even find that out?  Or how much resistance Napthalm drops or how fast it resets?

    Not related but I wasn't able to see the "slow shockwaves" on Stinkeye's new slow totem.  I imagine that is on purpose but I thought having that was really useful to see what area it was affecting.

    Thanks for in general a fun game!!  Take care :) <3
  • For my daily quest I got Kill Fire Fiend Warlock for 3 days straight now, so I've been playing Gates of Thuricvod for 3 days... and let me tell that is not my favorite level
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