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With the new patch, edits made to our deck during hero selection are now saved permanently. I'm really not a fan of this, I set my deck's up in a very general way so that I only have to change 1-2 traps and possibly guardians for any map. With the map specific edits being saved now its taking me longer to prepare, because I have to undo my previous changes that aren't what I want for the current map, and make the new ones.

More importantly when I select a deck I no longer know what's in it beyond the traits. I'd be all in for going back to the pre-patch method, its much easier to make minor changes to a deck when I know what's in that deck to start with. I've already had incorrect loadouts because I was working to fast and trying not to hold everybody else up. I'd make this a poll, but I have no clue how to do that.


  • Also as a side note, on the loadout topic, does anyone else find that if they switch loadouts around too much, that the game will just overwrite the loadout you're switching to with the one previously equipped? It's the bane of my existence when I want to play with an all fire or ice build, just to switch and find out it's now the same as my general loadout.
    Yes. It's very irksome. It's been a bug for a couple patches now.
  • That bug crashed my game once, I'm sure it'll get patched eventually.
  • The team is looking at this feedback on this feature change. The community was very clear that this is inconvenient for modifying decks!
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