Where does the large score increase at the start of each new wave come from?

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I've noticed that the score will suddenly increase substantially as each new wave starts.  For example, on wave 1 I might have ~130k score once all the mobs are dead but as soon as the next wave officially starts (countdown ends) the score will suddenly jump by ~40k to 170k.  Where is this extra score coming from?  How is it calculated?
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  • I believe you get some points for completing a wave, but a wave isn't completed until the next one starts. I'm not 100% on this however. Look at your traits as well, I have a trait that gives coin at the start of each wave, I believe coin generation and point generation are tied together slightly.
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    As best I know coin is not part of points until the end of game when it will be separately added. So coin per wave traits should not impact these point effects. Should be easy enough to test.

    I suspect it is a way for the game to reward wave completion. I have frankly not observed this. Should also be easy enough to see if there is any computation involved, or if it is a constant. Complete wave one perfectly, and with minions lost. If the jump is identical it is just a constant reward for waves. If it isn't minion count is factored in. Testing if time is a factor may be more tricky. Try two perfect wave one runs. One killing as fast as possible, and one stalling with snares such as Ivey's root. If there is a difference then there is a time component.
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