Remembe part distribution in loadouts

GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
Currently loadouts just consist of traps. It would be helpful that the part slotting was part of the loadout. Say I have a regular map loadout with flip traps that should trigger on everything, and an endless loadout that uses light minion trigger for the flips, currently I have to reslot parts every time I change what I play.


  • Will1Will1 Member
    edited March 2017
    I don't think this would work given the current state of the game.

    This would require 3 slots per trap EXTRA to be added to the UI, which frankly isn't designed for such a thing and would require a minor overhaul.  I don't think they are going to be willing to do a minor overhaul for something..... relatively minor.  It would be a nice quality of life change but if I'm going so far as to tailor an entire loadout to a specific map I am probably going to look at the trap menus anyways.
  • GorksterGorkster Member, Early Access
    All I am saying is that it should save the loadout with current parts and restore those parts when the loadout is selected pre-game. Doesn't require any UI changes.
  • LemartesLemartes Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder
    Ya this is badly needed with the way the part system is designed.

    I have had to setup a deck now for 1 map, then farm that map with each char.  Then move on to the next.  This is the only way I can get full benefits from parts unless I want to change them each game.  Very boring way to play though.

  • Even just allowing you to swap Parts on the loadout screen would be a big improvement. For example:
    • Right clicking on a Trap opens a popup that lets you swap Parts.
    • You can assign any Part in your inventory to a slot, even if assigned elsewhere. 
    • Display assigned Parts separately with the icon of the Trap they are assigned to above them, so you know what you are unassigning a Part from.
    They could even let you save trap configs (4?) that you select from a set of icons in the Part assignment popup. Though, I don't know that'd it'd be necessary if you had an option for the Part swap to temporary/permanent.

    This is a bit closer to a system where Parts only drop once and you can assign them to as many traps as you want (like Traits). Which, is probably how the system should've be designed from the start, but I think we're past the point where they'll change how Parts drop.
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