Release 1.9 - Patch Notes

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Release 1.9 – Home on the Range - Patch Notes

Available March 21, 2017


Update: Robot Entertainment to Publish in EU

Our European publisher, Gameforge, has been a valuable and supportive partner over the last 3+ years. After careful consideration, we have made the joint decision to combine our European and North American players solely under the Robot Entertainment banner. This means that Robot Entertainment will be taking over the publishing and support for all of our players, and that we can finally give our community one of their biggest requests: a single account system. With this system in place, players can play with their friends from anywhere in North America and Europe.

Starting March 21st, 2017, Gameforge will be emailing each of its OMD!U players a unique migration code. After receiving the code, players will be able to click the link in their email and use that unique code to migrate their Gameforge account data to a Robot Entertainment account.

We look forward to getting to know the EU community and making sure that they are as close to us here at Robot Entertainment as the rest of the community has become.


Update: Terminology Changes

In preparation for OMD!U's PS4 release, terminology relating to skills has changed. Because using terms like "E ability" could cause confusion across platforms, the following global naming scheme has been devised for attacks and abilities. Some of them players may recognize, others are new:

  • Left-Mouse Button (LMB) = Primary Attack
  • Right-Mouse Button (RMB) = Secondary Attack
  • Q Ability (Q) = Unique Ability
  • E Ability (E) = Epic Ability
  • Shift Ability (Shift) = Support Ability

All new communication about abilities will use this new terminology. We apologize for any confusion this causes and appreciate players' patience as we prepare to launch on PS4.


Update: Guardian System

  • Guardians now receive their at-home benefits regardless of their location, except for bonus health and damage.
  • Guardians now receive +35% health and damage when placed at home.
  • All guardians have had their base health and damage increased by 50%.
  • Guardians no longer have mana. 
  • The cooldown on Guardian area attacks has been increased to 14 seconds (from 7).
Developer Comment: We have been listening to feedback from the community on guardians for a while. We decided to make these changes for a few reasons:
  1. We don’t like that the cool unique benefits of guardians are not always available.
  2. The “At-Home” benefit is currently so significant that there is less choice available to the player. We want this benefit to affect players' decision but not force them.
  3. Placing guardians away from home was a common poor decision made by newer players.
  4. Mana for guardians does not fit the current incarnation of the game.
  5. Because of the mana system, there is not a significant benefit to performing well and keeping guardians alive. These changes reward players for keeping their guardian alive.


New Guardians

  • Ranch Hand: This minotaur guardian attacks stun enemies. In addition, players near the guardian are granted a buff that adds a slow to their primary attacks.
  • Headhunter: The Headhunter's attacks cause enemies to take 100% increased damage for several seconds. In addition, players near the guardian will reflect 30% of damage taken.



  • The  navigation panel within the dashboard has been redesigned.
  • The loadout editor has been moved underneath the profile tab (as "loadouts").
  • The matchmaking and party status panel is now available at the top of every screen.
  • Players can now adjust the volume of videos in the dashboard.
  • Master volume control is now available within the dashboard.
  • Players can now slot non-matching traits in the pre-game deck builder.
  • A crash reporting tool has been added to the game.

Battleground Additions:

  •  Gates of Thuricvod has been added to war mage challenge level.
  •  Temple Graveyard has been added to war mage challenge level.


  • Many new achievements have been added to the game.
  • Many new quests have been added to the game.
  • Many quests have been made significantly easier.
  • Many highly specific quests have been removed.  Players that had begun one of the removed quests are still able to complete it, but they will not obtain them again in the future.


  • Matchmaking will now consider a wider array of battlegrounds, repeating the same battlegrounds less often.


  • Chests from any difficulty can now be purchased in the store.


  • Scroll of Invulnerability: Duration decreased to 30s (from 60s).
  • Scroll of Slow: Duration decreased to 30s (from 60s).

General Difficulty:

  • Firelings now deal more damage when not killed, but less damage when killed.
  • Firelings now have a 1 second activation delay before detonating.
  • Damage of Orc Archers and Gnoll Hunters slightly increased.
  • Damage of Human Archers and Pride Hunters slightly decreased.
  • Docks at Eventide (Master) and Orcatraz (Master) are now significantly more difficult.
  • Baths (appentice and rift lord), Throne Room (apprentice), Cliffside Clash (apprentice), Eventide Ramparts (apprentice and war mage),  and Orcri-La (master) are now slightly more difficult.
  • Gates of Thuricvod (rift lord) and Restricted Section (war mage) are now slightly easier.
  • Par times adjusted for Docks at Eventide (master), Orcatraz (master), Avalanche (rift lord), and Banquet Hall (apprentice).


  • Boulder Chute and Icicle Drop:
    •  Now drops 3 volleys of boulders/ icicles, up from 1. Each wave deals 1/3 the trap's total damage. This makes the trap much easier to time.
  • Trip Wire:
    •  Can now be placed on top of other traps.
    • Trigger radius lowered significantly.
    • Cost reduced to 1,000 (from 1,500).
  • Physics Traps:
    • Collision damage now scales with trap tier.
  • Big Game Hunter Traps:
    • Can now hit unstable rifts.

Hero Design:

  • Temper:
    • Bull Rush: Rage cost and cooldown increased by 20%.
    • Hammer Slam: Rage cost and cooldown increased by 20%.
    • Set Off Weaver: Now only activates floor traps.
    • Blow His Top Weaver: Now causes Temper to keep 20% of his rage after exploding.
      Developer Comment: We heard your feedback. Temper is a little bit on the powerful side.  However, we would like to improve Rage of the Forge builds, so we have reworked one of his Weavers.
  • Bionka:
    • Damage reduced by 6%.
  • Zoey:
    • Chaos Tome: Damage increased by 25%.
    • Chaos Blast: Cooldown lowered to 10 seconds (from 12).
    • Chaos Blast: Mana cost lowered to 45 (from 55).
    • Feebee’s Wrath now makes Zoey invulnerable immediately.
  • Stinkeye:
    • Tears of Oasis now fills only half as much of the Unchained meter.
  • Tundra:
    • Wall of Frost now has much more health.
    • Wall of Frost cooldown lowered to 30 (from 35).
    • Wall of Frost duration lowered by 1 second.
    • Icicle Burst damage increased by 50%.
    • Shattering Icicles Weaver now only provides 50% bonus damage in an area (from 100%).
    •  Flash Freeze duration increased by 50%.
    • Flash Freeze cooldown lowered to 25 seconds (from 35).
      Developer Comment: Many of Tundra’s abilities were more useful in earlier versions of the game. We have buffed the baseline utility of many of these skills so that the skills no longer require Weavers to be useful.



  • Over-Reacting (formerly Doesn’t Play Well with Others):
    • Redesigned to now grant +1 mana regeneration when below 50% health.

Additional Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug causing chat to not properly scroll.
  • Fixed an issue where Wall Charger and Wall Blades sometimes trigger too late.
  • Fixed a bug with Overprotective causing it to block more damage than intended.
  • Fixed a bug with Capacitance Attuner, which caused it to not decay.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause arrow buttons to disappear in the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug where players who skipped the prologue did not get the achievement credit.
  • Fixed a bug where multiple doors opening would cause multiple announcements.
  • Fixed an issue where the icon for Feline Fugitive and Feeling Frisky were backwards.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate spawn sounds could play when hunters spawned.
  • Fixed an issue where projectile attacks did not cause minions to flinch.
  • Fixed an issue where minions could spawn during go-breaks.
  • Fixed an issue where certain abilities would deactivate certain traits.
  • Fixed an issue where dyes for Dobbin’s Santa’s Little Helper skin would not update the color of his shovel.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Report a Player” button was not functioning.
  • Fixed a bug where a player could not return to the skins screen after clicking on a skin card.
  • Fixed a bug where the text for Oziel's Spiritual Connection Weaver said it worked for all abilities when it in fact only worked on Vampiric Slash. The original intent was for it to work for all abilities, but in the end our designers liked the way it worked and the text was changed to match its behavior.
  • Fixed a bug where the tiering information for tar traps incorrectly said it also improved its slow duration.
  • Fixed a bug where Smolder's Incinerate included numeric values. Generic ability descriptions do not tend to include this information, so it was removed.
  • Fixed a bug where Bull Rush was knocking enemy hero bots through walls. To fix this, Bull Rush no longer causes enemy hero bots to ragdoll.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some quest text to be smaller than intended.

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    Known issue:

    Players may log in without any sound. Turn up the master volume in your dashboard to resolve this!

    Robot Entertainment | Former Community Manager
  • SenatorBirdSenatorBird Member
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    just a note:

    Changes Ivy's passive, maybe something g related to mana regen would be nice :)
    Maybe increases stink eye CD a bit his slow was so good in the past, now it is meh, the nerf was ok because of PvP but there is not such thing anymore, it could be strong again or just stronger than now
    And stop the nerf hammer :p 
    And some heroes still miss their "hero trap" and hero achievements

    When the gibs will come, when will be patch 2.0? XD ty

    btw tundra is great :D i like him better now ty
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    tank god for the zoey feebee wrath change.... died so many times during channeling, bit sad about the temper hammer slam nerf though. was more hoping base would be the same and the weavers increased its cost or cd as compensation

    PS email link brought me to the 1.8 patch notes for some reason as well
  • It would be nice if you also listed all of the par time changes you made. Would make it much easier for us to pinpoint which one were reduced too much like for instance the Eventide Fortress previous par time of 28:00-30:00 to now 19:45. It is now significantly harder to reach par time because of it being such a large map. Especially with slow characters.
  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Zarcos said:
    It would be nice if you also listed all of the par time changes you made. Would make it much easier for us to pinpoint which one were reduced too much like for instance the Eventide Fortress previous par time of 28:00-30:00 to now 19:45. It is now significantly harder to reach par time because of it being such a large map. Especially with slow characters.
    I gotta agree with you here, I'd love to get specific value changes on everything. But I'm also a data hog ;)
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  • If you are trying to get par time with slow characters. I would recommend using the stablehand guardian since he gives 50% movement speed for about 5 seconds he's perfect. I bring him along for every map now.
  • CruelerCrueler Member, War Mage Founder, Early Access
    Bionka Nerf was not necessary. Still waiting for a reason to play the game.
  • MortalbaneMortalbane Member
    edited March 2017
    Hi devs, i wanted to express my opinion on a few things and since the "constructive criticism" section is closed i write here. In general OMDU is a good game, and ur rising up from the pvp termination is understandable, but tell me pls, why do u kill all the diversity in every game aspect? For instance, i tried to 5-star different levels with arcane traps and ice traps instead of regular physical traps. And u know what? Its nearly impossible (or totaly). I cant just NOT use physical traps, because others are either cost-inefficient or trap limit-inefficient or just simply lack damage. Not to mention that i cant go to rift lord with most traps cuz they just refuse to drop from chests. U know, i want an ice trap Tundra or arcane trap Oziel, but that builds suck so hard that it makes me cry. Some heroes are way underpowered too, like Smolder or Hogarth. Tundra's damage to frozen targets is fine if u forget that Bionka deals more damage without any need to freeze. U would say cc? Somehow in ur game raw damage is Always better than cc. Why u kill diversity? I wanna use different traps - u say no. I wanna use different guardians - u say no, I wanna 5-star with EVERY hero - u say no, I wanna use different trinkets, not just health and mana potion - u say no again. I wonder why is that so. Is it just me or u are going to do smth about it.
    In OMD 2 I experimented with builds and found out a fun build - using ring (or belt) of storms and whole walls of mana wells. NO damaging traps. I was just running around casting storms and it worked. Can u pls make OMDU more experimantation friendly? Thank u.
  • AzulzinAzulzin Member, Early Access, Apprentice Founder

    Very well, the game is awesome and geting better and better !

    I only like to sugest mainten a softer resolution avaliable. Before the update 1.6 i use to play with my wife in a notebook, however it don't are more possible. My note is  Intel Core i5 6200U de 2.3 até 2.8 GHz, 8 GB DDR4 2133 MHz, Intel HD Graphics 520, 1 TB

  • Max still takes debuff effects from enemies even when his shield's up, like Gnoll hunters, Frost Orges.. Is this a bug? :o
  • ZaghaaraZaghaara Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hi Dantethepunisher, thanks for your question! Great question, by the way! Well, Max's shield is designed to reflect damage and doesn't negate effects like slow. So it works as intended. Hope this answers your question!
    French Community Manager
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