About pricing and client

Hello there,

I play from Turkey.
I was playing with the client I downloaded from the website before.
Later, when I heard that it was broadcast on steam, I started to play on the Steam platform.

Is not there a difference between normal client and Steam?
Does not it reach directly to you in the shopping made on Steam?

Is not it the same in-game pricing? Steam and normal on the client.
Normal client = downloaded via orcsmustdie.com

Steam charges:
Turkish Lira: Minimum 10₺, maximum 139₺. (Gold)
US Dollar: Minimum 2.70$, maximum 37.57$

Starting package: 18₺ (TRY-Turkish Lira), 4.86 $ (USD- US Dollar)

Can I get the starter package from scratch? Only once?
What is the 7 day adventure ticket package? What is the content? Can it be taken only once?

We will make plenty of shopping.
We will support your game development as well as Robot entertainment company will not leave our spending no money in the game add Turkish language option maybe why not ;)

Thank you,
Best regards.


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Hey, I'll do my best:

    There is no difference between Steam and downloaded versions gameplay-wise. Only Store is different.

    The Shopping on steam, as every game in steam as far as I know, has some percentage that goes to Steam and the rest to the developer+publisher, etc. The Downloaded client Store doesn't go anything to Steam as far as I know.

    Starter package.... if you mean the DLC, you can either buy the bundle that contains the whole franchaise (you need to not own any of the content) or only the starter pack which is more expensive than with the bundle, but that's because the bundle is designed for new players to the franchise.

    7 Day Survival Pass content is explained in the game Store, it contains:
    +25% XP
    +100% Skulls
    + 5% XP for Teammates
    + Special Avatar

    The above lasts for 7 days per Pass, you can buy multiple and the time stacks.

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