account lost

hi i played the beta for a long time and stoped playing now in the new update all my stuff is gone and i cant log in on my old account 
does anybody know how to fix this?


  • First,
    Are you from NA or EU?
    If you are from EU you have to transfer your account. Check your Email.
    When did you last log on?
    We had a reset in December so you have lost your levels and skins. But if you had gold you should still have that.
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  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    Effingworms is correct. Your account should still work to login with on the NA servers (if your account was NA) - but pretty much all your stuff will be gone. You may still have a few skins and all your gold should be refunded.

    If you were on the EU server, the same should be true, but you need to transfer your account via instructions in your email. All accounts are now on Robot's servers, though EU does have their own European based servers (that is, you're not connecting to the US to play, you're just not going through gameforge anymore)
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  • MitchellWMitchellW Member, Moderator, Early Access
    @EffingWormsand @Juicy have the answers!

    Once you've entered your code, anything you earned after December will be applied to your account. If you need any further help, let us know through the support system:
  • you told me to check my mail but i cant find anything if i search orcs must die unchained, omdu or robot entertainment.
  • and im in the eu

  • never mind i found the code thnx guys

  • EffingWormsEffingWorms Member
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