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randomrussrandomruss Member, Early Access
Is there any way to hide the ui and your character so that you can just take screenshots of the environment?  Some of the artwork that has been done on the environments have been done really well but I haven't been able to take any screenshots without the pesky ui and characters getting in the way.
Thanks in advance for the response.


  • alt H in game to remove ui. There is no way you can remove the character, on every level. Also the watermark for still in development will still be there but it will be removed this week.
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  • randomrussrandomruss Member, Early Access
    Thanks Worms.
    Would be nice to remove the character as well (or maybe zoom in to first person view to remove it).  I know there are a lot of games which have this feature.  Any way this can be implemented in future patches, Devs?
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    You can zoom in with alt+mouse scrolling, but at most the hero only goes semi transparent-
  • randomrussrandomruss Member, Early Access
    Ah good to know.  It's too bad that the character can't go fully transparent.
  • Nothing to hide the character yet sorry. But I have to agree with you when you say that some of the environments in this game are well done, I usually spend the better part of the match start walking around looking at the environments! It's all beautiful and gives a real sense of separate maps being connected. 
  • You can now sort of hide the character just pick oziel do /defeated. He will lower into the ground half way.
    So if your hero is facing upwards you will not be able to see him. Do this and Alt+H you can get some nice screenshots.
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