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  • I have the same problem as FragginFrog, even after changing password twice and using 5digit code
  • FajrasulFajrasul Member
    edited April 2017
    i have same problem, fragginfrog is not alone!!! have changing password and using 5digit code!!! all time robot patching = problem :(

  • Thanks guys -- our support team will take a look and let you know how to proceed. 
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  • I'm having a similar problem as well, and I don't get the 5 digit code into my mailbox.
  • i had to request a code to get one but the code itself didnt work....

    and (obvious you think were kinda stupid...) of course we put in correct data, i even resetted my password to be sure....

    by now, i dont even get beyond the steam linkin process, i click yes, window disappears, login button is greyed out for <1sec, and i can press login again to have a new steam linkin process window poppin up...... while my mate still stucks at entering the 5 digit code.....
  • I know it seems frustrating to get asked to check simple things like your username and password, but that's an important part of crossing potential causes off the list especially when you're one of the first people to report a problem. We should have more information on this very soon. Thank you to everyone who let us know this was affecting you today!
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  • Same problem here.....
  • for me its working normal now..... tried it 15:00 (CEST/UTC+1) and it failed, tried it an hour ago (22:00 CEST) and it worked without putting in any data, just launched via steam and it logged in by itself.... still missed one day of login bonus and daily chest/skull :(

    and its not frustrating, i just get really angry when someone assumes i am stupid :P but when ill post another bug ill list things i tried to fix it by myself (like resetting password this time) to make life easier for all of us :)

    keep up the good work !
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