Glitchy music on multiplayer and ruined another steam game.

Sorry if either of these issues have been dealt with before.  I launched OMD 2 on steam for the first time last night to play with a friend.  Upon joining his party there arose a loud glitchy music noise which, even when in game music and master volume were turned off and push to talk enabled, wouldn't go away.  This problem didnt arise in single player. 

After giving up on fixing this issue, I tried to play another game; Chivalry Medieval Warfare.  A game i've had no trouble with launching in the past.  It now crashes after the 2nd title intro vid whenever i try to play.  Same thing happened to my friend who installed OMD 2.  We both tried verifying cache, restarting steam, re-installing game.  OMD 2 seems to have broken our ability to play chivalry.  Any other people have this issue?


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    I can't say as OMD2 has ever broken for me. With that said, @MitchellW may know more than I.
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