I cant claim mu rewards

I have trouble getting the rewards. At the moment when i click claim My computer turns off. 
In addition to this the game works correctly. I have windows 10 maybe this is a problem.
Please help me


  • FifiretoFifireto Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Is this a issue which happens always or only 1 time?
    German Community Manager

  • It happens once for one reward. For example, I received 3 reward to get them 3 times to reset my computer
  • WinwinWinwin Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    FairyTaiI - From the sounds of it, you're experiencing hard crashes:

    1. Make sure your antivirus and firewall are disabled.
    2. Shut down any secondary programs in the background.
    3. Update DirectX and your video card drivers.
    4. Clear your config files per the instructions here.

    If issues persist, please write in to support with your DxDiag and log files per the instructions here and we'll help you troubleshoot further. 
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