When can we start buying gifts for friends in game?

I would like to buy gifts (heros or gold) for a friend and realized you guys dont have gifting options yet. When can we expect this awsome money making idea to be implemented in the game? I am surprised to find it not already done.

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  • BluedragonBluedragon Member, Early Access
    Vynellin from twich
  • JuicyJuicy Member, Master Founder, Early Access
    They're currently off for the holidays, but I would say this is something alot of people want. I would expect it is something they're working on, as I can't see alot of problems it would cause to implement. It's also something that has been suggested for awhile :P
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  • JacowboyJacowboy Member, Early Access
    they should've done this *before* the holidays... but oh well :p
  • so what about now?
     can this feature be added in game? or even just make dlc bundles of 5k coins or something and do it through steam
  • Well not like a feature can be added in a snap, you know. It takes time.
    Also, there's many other features that are in line, and they can't just add your suggestion onto the top of em "just like that."
  • I understand that 100%, however it should be relatively simple thing to setup given that all the other infrastructure is in place

    More so however, this thread was last month from the holidays, so maybe if i bring it back up they'll look into it and the feature won't disappear into the void
  • you can gift stuff through the steam interface.....when you go to buy it it gives the "This is a gift" button as an option
    im not certain how it works from that point
    so you could gift the starter bundle or the all heros bundle

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  • Was asking how it could gift the small things (currency, Specific heros, and well not just DLC packages in steam).
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