Why has an account of mine been deleted?

I had an old account which I had payed for and had all of my progress on it, now you may think "well this guy clearly forgot his password or email", well you'd be wrong, because I decided to make a new account under the same name and was able to use it. If the developers have decided to delete old accounts or something (which I don't believe they have) then I'd like to be reimbursed with the money I had spent.

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  • Was that account on EU or NA?
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  • The account is on EU.

  • We moved servers from EU to NA so you need to transfer accounts. You will have to get another name but gameforge should have sent you an email about it so you can transfer your old stuff.
  • If I had received an email it would've been deleted, it's been a long time since I've used the email address that the account was registered with, and I'd deleted a large amount of emails a while back on it so I can only assume that I've deleted it by accident, if I could have another email sent under my new email then that'd be appreciated.
  • Thank you all, I've submitted my ticket and I hope to hear that everything will be able to be linked again.
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