Guild points?

Seems getting into a guild is next to impossible so I'll ask the question that I'm curious about when it comes to being in a guild...what are guild points & their use?


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    What? There are plenty of guilds around gathering people everyday on the global chat, you can also start your own guild without much requirements.

    Guild points was a system of points which would add points to the guild every match it's players would play. Also by being active (online) you would win guild points.

    At the moment guild points aren't used.
  • At the moment guild points are not in the game. Being in a guild gives no bonuses.

    But next update there will be a new guild ranking for sagotage I'm not sure how it works but it could include points.
  • CurakaCuraka Member
    Thanks for the info.
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