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Playing as Cygnus isn't very easy and actually requires a bit of knowledge to play right, but if your willing to learn how to use him properly then he can be an amazing asset to you and your team. so lets take an in depth look at how exactly to do that.

  • His main attack is called Voltaic charge, unlike other hero's in this game his costs mana in order to use. every time he uses his main attack it will send out  a slow moving electric ball of lightning and use up 6 mana. be aware that if an ally gets in front of this it will nullify the projectile

  • His secondary attack is called Chain lightning, he will raise his staff in the air and a chain of lightning will arc between 3 different enemies costing 22 mana, this attack is instantaneous and will work at all distances as long at you are pointing directly at the enemy. be aware that if an ally gets in front of this as you are activating the ability it will nullify it. the cooldown to use this ability again is 4 seconds.

  • His Q ability is called Phylactery pylon, he will place down a Pylon that can be placed anywhere, including inside of a barricade, and it will increase all traps ability to deal damage by 15% in a small radius around it. this ability costs 50 mana. the cooldown to use this ability is 5 seconds. your able to have 2 out at once.

  • His E ability is called Rift shard, he will stand still for 2 full seconds and create a rift shard that will give everybody inside of it health and mana, it is good to know that if you take any damage at all while trying to summon rift shard, it will cancel its use and you will have to try again. this ability costs 0 mana to use. the cooldown to use this ability is 35 seconds

  • His passive is called Rift lord, and this is by far the best part about him. any time he is fighting near either your rift or rift shard he deals increased damage. it also makes it so that if your mana is near its maximum you take reduced damage

All right now that we know his abilities lets take a look at his upgrades.

  • in tier 1at battle level 2 you get the following choices
  1. Experienced: Decreases summoning time of rift shard by 25% (now making the summoning time 1.5 seconds)
  2. Buff,  old man: increase the buff pylon's effects by 10% (now making it 25%)
  3. Silver streak: Reduces the cooldown of chain lightning by 2 seconds (now making the cooldown take 2 seconds)

my personal suggestion is to choose silver streak because being able to use chain lightning constantly especially in a kill box while having rift lord activated deals an insane amount of damage. the other 2 upgrades are useless in my opinion.

  • in tier 2 at battle level 4 you get the following choices
  1. Paternal instinct: increase the duration of rift shard by 20%
  2. Mana miser: eliminates the cost of voltaic charge when rift lord is active
  3. Mini master: causes rift shard to attack up to 3 targets dealing lightning damage

my personal suggestion is to choose Paternal instinct because getting that extra couple of seconds really is a life changer, the other 2 upgrades are useless. your main attack only costs 6 mana which is easily recovered. and letting your rift shard attack is useless, increasing the time it can stay out is better because your able to deal more damage then it can with the extra 2 or so seconds you get.

  • in tier 3 at battle level 7 you get the following choices
  1. Pylon patriarch: allows you to place 1 extra pylon and removes the abilities cooldown (increasing the total to 3 pylons)
  2. Tough old geezer: when rift lord is active you have 50% damage reduction
  3. Ornery oldtimer: increases damage to large minions and bosses by 15%

my personal suggestion is to choose ornery oldtimer. I like to be able to kill the big bosses as quickly as possible. however tough old geezer is also a good one, you can activate rift shard to become a tank and stall minions for a short amount of time with it. pylon patriarch is useless however and shouldn't be taken.

  • in tier 4 at battle level 10 you get the following choices
  1. Enlightening education: damage from chain lightning increases with each enemy it hits
  2. Get off his lawn: chain lightning hits 3 extra targets when rift lord is active
  3. Maniacal master: chain lightning temporarily stuns enemies

every upgrade here is actually really good, id tell you to experiment with this to find out what you like best. I find that I like get off his lawn the best. I like the ability to take down a lot of minions all at once while rift lord is active. but you can get whatever you like here.

Now we move onto the different traps, gear, and consumables that work best with Cygnus.


The way I like playing Cygnus is as a support character. I usually go with the following traps in my loadout.

Healing well (great to keep around, mostly for your melee characters)

Shield powerup (also mostly for your melee characters)

Barricade (this should be in every loadout in my opinion)

Brimstone (I find that damage over time is good with Cygnus since your constantly using chain lightning)

Arrow wall (great for putting in a spot they will be forced to walk into)

Big game hunting zapper (it only targets hero's and bosses so if you aren't in war mage or up then don't have this in)

Haymaker (the longer you can delay them the better, your damage is one of the highest in the game)


Mages clover is a must use is you have it (it will replenish your mana in an extremely short amount of time)

then you can either choose one of the two

  1. Mages picnic (in order to continually help other people with mana as well as yourself)
  2. Ring of storms (the more damage the better right especially on large bosses)


this part is really up to you on what you want, this is just what I usually go in with

Potion of rage (always nice to deal an insane amount of damage on top of the extra rift lord damage im getting)

Scroll of the empty rift (always sucks when just as your about to win 50 different minions enter into your rift and make you loose)

Now then, since we know everything that you should get and have, as well as what everything dose. lets put it all together into a strategy for Cygnus shall we?

you should first sacrifice your money for the good of the team since Cygnus is a really good support character and barricade off an area to force them into a choke point. let your team worry about setting down damaging traps. then use your money when you get it for 1 healing well and 1 shield powerup so your team has the best chance at living. constantly use chain lightning as well as your main attack to kill minions before they get to your rift. once all of that is finally in order. then you can start placing traps. don't forget to place down pylons on traps to increase there damage. use your rift shard once you or your teammates are getting low on health or mana. and when your rift shard is cooling down still use your mages clover to quickly recover your mana again.

(side note, a great strategy is if you have a melee hero on your team, as soon as the round starts, let them get the shield powerup and open up your rift shard right on top of them, they will become an unstoppable tank and wont have to move an inch which helps your team out immensely)

that's it really, use these tips to kick but and take names. enjoy playing as Cygnus. see ya in my next a simple guide:

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  • nice guide  B)
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you, this is very useful!
    German Community Manager
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    sashimiak said:
    Thank you, this is very useful!
    A tiny bit outdated though ;)
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    sashimiak said:
    Thank you, this is very useful!
    A tiny bit outdated though ;)
    Shhh, nobody saw the post date! :p In all seirousness though, I hadn't seen the guide until now and I do find it useful! Cygnus was one of the heroes I had trouble with.
    German Community Manager
  • SortuneSortune Member, Early Access
    Well, I'd like to add something here. Cygnus had his weaver a little updated and here's another "quick guide" for the guy. You can still build a "high dps" cygnus, or like me depending on the map, build a support one.

    Tier I : Reduce cast speed of Shard Rift
    Tier II : (what u want)
    Tier III : Pylon activate nearby traps (!!)
    Tier IV : Chain Lightning stuns 2 sec

    The Tier III option wasn't there when OP did the post btw. It allows Cygnus to be better than Gabriella to reactivate traps. He can really make some traps like haymaker 100% uptime. I used to play this when I was underleveled and "carried" by some friends. Now I even take it sometimes over big dips build when I want a killbox to be 100% active (or when you protect a place with flip traps).

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