Willing to code the entirety of pvp for you guys pro bono

lolcatzurulolcatzuru Member, Early Access
Ever since you removed the best part of your game, i've missed you all fondly, so i figured i'd do you a solid and code that part of the game for you guys, so you don't have to uhh, you know, do work as seems to be the trend.


  • Please don't. 
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    I appreciate that you liked Siege, but the mode wasn't removed because it was too much work. If you take a look at this thread: http://forums.orcsmustdie.com/discussion/13241/why-remove-siege-mode, you will find that removing Siege was unfortunately the best solution for the game overall. 
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  • AxonyAxony Member
    Please don't try to start the disscussion about "best" solution again.
    They removed it because the population on the US Servers were to low.
    Sadly it won't come back and they will focus on repetitive PvE (personal opinion) because Chaos Trials feels pointless once you have everything on T7.

    To much Offtopic sorry.

    Try playing Sabotage, it feels nice and reminds me of the good old WC3 days with Hero Line Wars and Line Tower Wars
  • Axony said:
    Please don't try to start the disscussion about "best" solution again.
    They removed it because the population on the US Servers were to low.
    That makes no sense. The real reason is that it was completely separate from survival; it was impossible to balance the two modes since they had wildly different gameplay. This is why every modes now has the same Survival core gameplay; even Sabotage (meta aside). It was an impossible puzzle to balance such different gamemodes in the same game. It basically required Robot to be split in two teams and it didn't work for a company this size. In the end, neither Siege nor Survival worked well, they competed with each other both in term of balance and dev time.

    This explanation is extremely credible to anyone with a background in game dev, and any competent game designer would have ended up making the same decision. But of course, there are always people who come around claiming that there's a big conspiracy about the removal of Siege... And besides, if anyone still think Robot removed the mode because they didn't want the extra work... You do realize that when they removed Siege, they basically remade the whole game? An insane amount of work...

    Also, put down the rose-tinted glasses. PvE is repetittive and Siege was not? There were only two maps and every game was basically the same. I'll admit I'm a bit biased because I always liked Survival more (I play OMD since the first one, so of course Survival is what I want from the franchise), but no one could claim that the game isn't much better nowadays than it was in the days of Siege.
  • AxonyAxony Member
    PvP is always different because you play with people who play different.
    PvE is always the same. I really like Sabotage because every game is different depending on your team and the enemy team.
    If play RL Baths today and then play it tommorow again it will still be the same map with the same minions at the same time.

    Maybe it's just my Opinion but i started the game back in the alpha because i liked the concept (never played OMD 1 or 2 before).

    It is true that you can't balance a game with 2 different game modes but this time it is the same problem with Sabotage.
    The Aoe CC of Tundra and Ivy is top Tier in Sabotage and they are nerfing it but they aren't that great in Survival (5star) and they are situational in Chaos Trials.
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