Let other players sell our own traps as a basic allowed option !

Hello Everybody,

Eeeeveryone (including me) always suffer cos of new players when we have to play sabo with em. Yes its usually not the best, but win is not impossible. The hardest part is to convince them to allow us to sell their wrong placed traps. Yeah I know its not new info. Everyone know about that issue... I like to help newcommers with maps, keys, free philosophy lessons but this option is just not good enough right now. Let other players sell our own traps should be a basic allowed option in gameplay so noone would suffer from it.

(Bloodspike started to become 1 not totally unusable hero, so keep the good job. His movement speed slow down to much when he hit with basic attack. If you guys can make him a bit faster it would be usable.)

Great game, and great community. Pizza forever!



  • I'm sure just knowledge that there is a hotkey to switch it on/off easily would help new players a lot.
    (it is # for me but is different for different players.)
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  • ShadeDevShadeDev Member, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Apprentice Founder, Featured Developer
    Someone placing traps in a bad location by accident is unintentional.  Somebody having their traps sold by others defaults to confusing and frustrating, especially for new players.

    As a result, we are not looking to change this.
    Doug Houserman
    Robot Entertainment | Lead Balance Designer
  • i dont like to see that someone "more experienced" haha able to sell my trap when its on cooldown with 0 payback cost. better to give the traps limit for every teammate and don't let the new players spam their 100-coin spike traps, especially when you can't replace them with 2k coin ballistas in sudden death. individual traps limit would be great feature
  • KirrrKirrr Member
    @ShadeDev : I think newbies need a Sabotage Training (some matches like Basic and Advanced Tutorials). In the Training, they will learn :
    - How to read chat and communicate with teammates
    - How to make their traps sellable
    - How to pick and use consumables effectively
    - ..etc

  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    In addition to what ShadeDev said I would also like to point out that I've gotten feedback from players (and complaints) that they get particularly funny teammates who sell their traps and barricades shortly before waves start and then claim it was a bomb spell that destroyed them. I had one newbie so confused by this (she didn't realize they were selling her traps) she messaged me and apologized for her inability to see the bomb spell debuff in time, asking to please be lenient if she gets reported for constantly destroying her team's cades and traps.
    German Community Manager
  • Yeah, it's a problem either way. If the option is off by default, people get frustrated when beginners ruin their killbox with unsellable badly placed traps, but if it's on it gets confusing and people will troll players or simply boss them around selling all their traps. There's only one solution: better people! :D
    But seriously, those issues can only be resolved by people talking with each other, being open to discussion, and in general, not behaving like unlikeable orc-holes. If only...

    (Also, a lot of people aren't fluent with english and will not be able to communicate enough for explanations to go through. There's just too much to explain by chat, and it's also very tedious to type stuff when you should be placing traps and playing the game instead. The game needs better tutorials and online resources.)
  • SnipahShotSnipahShot Member
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    I am really split about this.

    Me and a friend decided to play Orcatraz to farm a hero chest and invited some random guy from chat. Everything was going good and then on the last wave the dude sold my barricade (I am not stupid, I see when it says that my trap was sold) and placed spikes there (The left barricade above the top left guardian).
    That is some retard move against 2 level 90+ that invited you to get easy experience, skulls and maybe learn a thing or two. We obviously won without losing a point anyhow but still, that pissed me off so much.

    It is problematic to make it allowed by default because of such trolls and it is problematic to leave it as it is because new players just place spikes everywhere and often don't listen.
  • YuannYuann Member
    edited July 2017
    Some people seem to love to spam the same traps over and over like all tar traps, all spikes  or all grindstone
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  • AxonyAxony Member
    i love me some good old spike spam
  • SnipahShotSnipahShot Member
    edited July 2017
    Compromise: Can you guys please put in a loading screen tip that informs players how to toggle on/off allies selling traps?
    Maybe not a loading screen one because that is random but an ingame one below the first Z message, maybe only for those that don't allow trap selling.
    Something like:
    "Keep in mind you can allow others to sell traps for you, with you getting back the money, in Options -> Gameplay".
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