[Score system] Are you creating a different one for chaos trials?

Or are you going to create one?

Should I suggest a score system for chaos trials here?


  • Why? They already have a scoring system. 
  • Because it seems to be a very poor system in terms of assigning score to a given difficulty.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    We had some feedback regarding this in a rather large thread about Chaos Trials on steam and we've passed it along. We appreciate the feedback!
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  • I didn't find much on steam other than mentions and that they don't like it.

    Are you going to make a mod tier list based on their difficulty and factor that into the score.

    I thought a bit of how I would find the score to be kind of fair (more than it is right now) and made a table with the key tiers, mods, their scores, and the bonus scores.
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    We definitely appreciate any further input from our players they want to give. If you feel up to it, I'd be happy to pass your proposed score system/list on for you :)
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  • Description and table with example over here:

    The mod tier list is just to remember that it is required.

    I was also thinking that, when a party successfully completes a given tier, they should all receive the score of the tier and not of the whole key. I don't think it works like this right now.
  • SeanPoeSeanPoe Member, Early Access
    A lot of those 'advanced bonuses' will simply force a very simplistic playstyle under the guise of making the game harder. 

    50% score bonus for no traps in a tower/trap defense game makes no sense whatsoever.  You're stripping away all of the strategic complexity this game has to offer with that.  The hero combat in this game is not hard enough or complex enough (and rightly so, because most of this game's complexity comes from traps) to warrant a bonus for not using any traps.   Playing without traps makes the game 'harder' in the sense that you're more likely to lose but it also ends up making the game strategically and mechanically easier overall. 

    No gear, no traits, no guardians, and no unchained also remove multiple layers of strategic complexity and player playstyle/build diversity and don't really fit in a game about strategy/planning.  This is especially true in chaos trials where gear, traits, and traps choices are the only means that players really have to counter the modifiers. 

    You'll also run into issues where mod difficulties are not set correctly and eventually player's will figure out the best mods for score and ignore every single key without those specific mods that are granting far too much score for how easy they are.  For example, bargain buffs realistically has minimal impact on map difficulty and should not be rated the same as something like bargain cades (which drastically reduces difficulty).  This is especially true in combination with a score bonus for bringing less traps, bringing buff traps would never be ideal even with the bargain buff modifier.  Another example would be the rift point loss on death modifier which has a very minimal impact on difficulty when a player is going for score anyways and avoiding death at all costs.  Basically my point is the devs will never get these mod difficulties set right to reflect actual difficulty relative to each other and attempting to do so would require an enormous amount of dev/testing time and require constant hotfixes to continuously update them.  I just don't see that ever being feasible and there will always be massive imbalances here. 

    It would also introduce so many variables that intuitively figuring out an optimal scoring strategy would be next to impossible and would only be possible through enormous amounts of trial and error to figure out just how few traps you need on each map, on each tier, and with each mod, while simultaneously not giving up too much clear time and making sure you're getting the most favorable scoring mods (that are too generous with their score modifiers).  The average player would also never understand how to get a good score simply because of how many arbitrary variables there are that don't really reflect skill/performance. 
  • I will ask you a simple question if Player A can have the same exact game player B did BUT with no traits equipped, wouldn't that make Player A a better player than B? At least with the data we have that would help order the leaderboard.

    You don't have to make the mod tier list a secret. And it is not that hard to make the tier list. If you think about it, almost everything in terms of balancing a game is just a guess. An example would be No mana drops or no health drops, those are some of the easiest mods, it is actually a lot easier to make this list than you say it is.

    And you don't have to do trial and error, you know, just have fun, beat the game the easiest way possible, then try without guardians or whatever you think you can do.

    The optimal scoring is the one you see on that table, you don't have to figure out anything actually.
    All of the variables on the table are direct relations to how good of a game someone had.

    What I'm not saying is if all the multipliers on that table are precise. But from my tests the score had the end result of ordering the leaderboard from best player to worst.

  • I think...
    Scores should be more about "Using anything and everything you have" not "Use as little stuff as possible". 

    Think about it... why not add a modifier related to hero damage... something like: 
         Total score = Score x (None-Hero damage / Total Damage)
    This looks almost as good as 50% bonus score for not bringing traps... Almost...

    Anyway, my 2 cents is on Score ownership.

    We all know Trump is President... what about Vice President? Chief Strategist? Secretary of State? Chief of Staff? These names are information anyone can get by simply doing an internet search... Unlike those, everyone knows who the President is without asking around... no? 

    On the same note, I think the score should only go to the key owner. I do know that teams may be involved to get the high numbers, but they all stand behind a single figurehead. Putting it in a more crude way, team-mates are mercenaries... hired help... they already received their payment via Chest, so they should not be taking up space in the rankings. 
  • @LunaSling
    The problem I see is why do you think someone is better because they dealt more hero damage than trap damage?
    While I think you would agree with me when I say: if someone can complete a challenge with the least amount of resourcers (example traps, or TIME), that player would be better.

    And I'm sure you were joking on your last paragraph, but if you didn't complete a previous key tier then you shouldn't receive that part of the whole key score. And this should be easily fixed.
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