Oziel's Rework

So I've been on and off with playing OMD for like a year now, but with it recently coming to consoles i've enjoyed it and been playing a bunch. I'm sure most PC players have already noticed Oziel's passive rework and  few re-arranging of his traits but I think we console users just got it yesterday. Anyway to get to the point does anyone else think this makes Oziel much weaker especially early game as if his early game wasn't weak enough. Playing in groups makes it extremely hard on your team since you won't be able to activate a skill til atleast wave 2 or 3 and then if you use it inappropriately it's gone for awhile until you can stack souls again.
I kinda've just gotten the ropes with using Oziel and man this re-work really hurts, even in solo though and don't even think about sabotage but on the upside it actually scales him stronger in endless... which the rework just made his weakness weaker and his strengths stronger imo.. How do you guys feel about it... and while your here what's you guys mains and who would you consider the top character atm in OMD.


  • I feel the exact same. I was playing normally and noticed my other teamates were level 9 while I was level 3 and thought it was a bug( I did not read the patch notes on PS4). He is weaker in the begining and without Haunting spirits to help get the level ups its a slower game for Oziel.  Kinda feels like going unchained just for Desecrated ground useless now.  I will have to switch mains now if I wish to continue to play.
  • Lol i play OZ as gear master. I use 2 damage gear and feel OK as damage dealer. So 3 AoE (fire wall bracers+ring of storm+ desecrated ground) and wraith surge for big minions and bosses. OK!
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