Is there any chance of a patch to remove the ready option?To many dont click it.Game suffers for it.

Im requesting this as too many players que up for a game,but then decide not too ready up.Take last night i ended up queing up four times in a row and all four times there was a player that did not click on ready.I then left the game to come on this forum to ask this question.Perhaps putting a penality in place would work  or just removing the option to ready up as i suggested.I've noticed this becoming a growing trend,do they think its funny to do this?A form of trolling i'm starting to believe,in my opinion it is affecting the game.It seems a bit stern but i think that if you que up you play with out any option.We all play for fun but this persistent problem is ruining my fun even before i get into a game.Im sure if you asked other players on the ps4 they would state they had a problem with this growing trend.Sorry for this long winded statement as i dont wont too come across as demanding,i really enjoy the game and do see the time and love you devs put into the game .But this problem is a making me want too play the game less,as its very annoying.Im currently at level 86 and really want to get to 100 but its making it feel like a chore rather than fun.If you could find time in your schedule to reply that would be great.Hopefully you's will do a community event where the orcs must die community get to play with the devs?
With much respect devs,keep on slaying!!!

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  • Ithanks for your reply,i know there are other ways to troll like when your actually in a game.I dont all way's play random it just seems to happen alot to be a time factor  thing.Orc's must die unchained is quite new to ps4 and i've never noticed it to be so bad.Maybe your right though who knows.But with it been on the ps4 around a couple of months it seems a short period of time for those kind of frustrations, but as i said who knows thanks again.
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