Minion idea 2.0

What if we had like, lesser versions of bosses? To make encounters with them a bit, you know, more challenging
So for example, Vitality on their own is not much of a threat, but, what if special cyclops mages who were ALSO able to ressurect minions (but only REALLY weak ones, and they themselves couldnt be ressurected or things would just go on forever) would accompany him?

Or even just some more cyclops mages
I dunno give them something to make em a bit more threatening
maybe make some of the death cult to assist lyzander, as so far all we know is that Oziel was a part of it, and they use poison spells. Why not maybe make like, fire mages in black robes that cast poison damage.
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    Hello Slygorthethird,

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding new minions, I will share it with the team.

    And don't hesitate to discuss this topic further, I'll keep an eye on it 

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    Well if we're talking minions, can we get some dwarves that use muskets to snipe at heroes from afar? So basically they'd have fairly long range (about 8.8) and deal massive damage per shot (about 250), but the downside is they only come in small numbers (1 to 2 per spawn on the later waves) , have low health (About 150) and after firing they must play a 5 second reload animation before firing again. They could be called Dwarf Sharpshooters. Their primary goal is to kill heroes much like the various archers and hunters do.

    EDIT: As others have pointed out 1 shotting could be problematic for low hp heroes, as well as counter play against snipers, so my solution to this is. Snipers must aim at the target for 3 seconds to zero in their aim per say before firing. To let the hero know they're being targeted a red beam would be projected at them, much like the ballistas have. In addition lets say Dwarf Snipers also have a 10% chance of missing their shot when firing. Now with these changes, it would offer a chance for heroes to run away and avoid snipers or in a ranged heroes case shoot them before they're shot.
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  • I dunno, the devs dont seem to have an issue with me posting this here
    And lets be real, do you really think something like this would ever get into the game?
    Like the idea above is good, but they would need all the coding and graphics n wot not
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    Developers can make mistakes. They're not gods, they're human. So it's understandable if they miss stuff like this from time to time. People posting the wrong kind of stuff in the wrong place.
  • 1. This should be in suggestion part of forum.

    2. Yes, bosses are not very challenging - mercenaries are much bigger threat. But dont know how mini version of them is going to solve this problem. Bosses are just big version of minions, so mini version of boss is just minion.

    3. No more cyclops mages, once you get to higher difficulty you find those instant killing guided green balls of dead very annoying.

    4. No more snipers, this concept is so wrong on many levels. Longer range than normal arches and high dmg, why? Do you like cutting yourself? Archers have they range for reason, but whatever. 250 dmg per shot mean take more than 1 hit or not being on max hp with midnight(and other low hp heroes) is instant kill, so concept of more than 1 of this sniper is fail. Did you ever play high chaos trial? You dont want of another source of instant dead. Imagine that great moment when this sniper is in group of enemies, you cant get to him, but he will be snipering you anyway. How does his low health help if he snipers you down before you notice him?

    Best what we can get from this sniper idea is: sniper mercenary, super long range but under average dmg, it takes him few seconds to aim(3-5s) depends on distance, you can hide to reset aiming. If you get hit you cant use your abilities and trinkets for 5s.

    Please come with other ideas, brainstorming is good, but if you dont answer few questions, be ready for criticism.
    Good questions for new minions are:
    Is it new? (we have archers, so archer with bigger dmg and range is not very advancing)
    Is if fun or is it pain? (game should be challenge, but instant kill with no time to counter it is not fun, but pain)
    We have different heroes -mele, ranged, low hp, high hp, is it similar experience for all of them? (mele heroes would try to run to sniper who would kill them on the way, ranged would play with sniper who is better sniper, low hp would be dead, high hp would not care)
    How you should outplay this minion? What is good strategy and what is bad strategy?

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    Discussion moved to the suggestion box!

    Thanks Bloodess and SemiFantastic for the heads up! We are indeed only humans :)
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  • Ok, well I still like the idea of order necromancers (well death cultists)
    For one they would make the ressurection mechanic have a bit more use (And since in the lore it is confirmed there is some kind of cult, and for there to be a cult surely there must be more than just Lyzander)
    They would be passive so, no direct threat to heroes, instead they are something you dont want to leave unchecked, or that group of minions you just slaughtered will slowly be brought back

    What do you guys think
    "Remember! Gnoll dont have a union, when you harm a gnoll, it has no insurance!"
  • Necromancers:
    I like the passive adding of threat. But the Lyzander do exactly same thing, ressurect weaker version of minions. But necromancers would fit in to lore, Lyzander would be more sexy if he has some cult minions. Personaly I dont like ressurection mechanic. As only skill it is weak. If there is no deadbodies, you cant ressurect. If you have one good killbox, ressurectors could wander around do nothing until they are dead.

    My suggestion:
    necromancers would animate/summon animated-runners/zombie-runners from pack of bones they carry.  Or summon some random udead version of minions. If they find dead bodie they would take bones and increas summoning spead.

    Come with other option, but please remember that minions with only ressurection skill could be quite borring if played properly.
  • The necromancers would be a great idea. Also what if they make zombies or ghosts. Similiar to what bloodess said.
    Which could just a particle effect like the wisps and have special effects like percentage chance to dodge moves or immune to physical damage.

    But most the bosses would be boring to play against mini versions since most are already big versions of minions with a gimmick. Like sarge is just a big soldier with an attack boost. Or orfum is a large troll who can smash barricades. Swifty is a large kobold who can run over barricades.
  • Swifty is a Satyr!
  • Axony said:
    Swifty is a Satyr!
    I said that swifty was a kobold because he doesn't have a shield so in core mechanics. Either he is a big kobold who can run over barricades or a big satyr without shield and can run over barricades.

    The examples were to explain the basic mechanics the differences.
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