Debilitation Resonator - Increases all damage or only physical?

The Debilitation Resonator says that it decreases the armour of enemies by -50. Does this mean that only physical damage is increased or is all damage (i.e. magical - fire, ice, electricity, arcane) increased?


  • can't say for sure, but I think armour stands for physical damage only, since there are resonators for each of the other damage types (except electricity )
  • ShadeDevShadeDev Member, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Apprentice Founder, Featured Developer
    Physical armor.
    Doug Houserman
    Robot Entertainment | Lead Balance Designer
  • Thanks, ShadeDev!
  • Do minions that aren't armored count?  For instance, will the debil res increase damage to a light orc/kobold or is it just things like Armored Ogres?
  • minions with no armor get -armor which means increased dmg
  • The real question is this:

    Is -50 physical armor reduction > 30% damage increase from other resonators? I personally don't know how big of a boost -50 physical armor is in terms of physical damage to make an informed decision
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Armor provides 1% effective health against that damage type for each point you have.
    That means 50 armor would divide physical damage taken by 1.50.

    Or more simple, +33% damage.
  • I didn't know it was 1 to 1 ratio. Thanks Timemaster. If this is the case, this resonator should be reworked because it's almost ALWAYS better to use controlled resonator (the green one) than others since it will buff all traps as long as you place a tar next to it. Making the trap do 50% more physical damage will be better because it's "situationally" better. The 3.3% boost in damage compared to a controlled resonator isn't worth it  
  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Debilitation resonator applies a debuff to enemies hit by the trap, making them take a 33% more physical damage. That means that other physical traps and players will deal more damage to the minions with the debuff.

    I'm not 100% sure but most likely, the trap applying it isn't affected by itself, so as you say, traps with high damage don't benefit from having it themselves but they can benefit from the debuff applied by other traps with maybe lower damage or bigger AoE.
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