Highlands and Avalanche Endless 5 Stars - Solo

I wanted to share both of these awhile ago. Been busy with work and whatnot, but I thought you guys might to see how I 5 star the new rift lord endless maps. Comment here or on my videos be glad to share my thoughts with you all. I waas streaming so that is why I would be talking to my viewers during these runs.




  • That's a great job guy. Maybe use great barricades is much better for put more traps and beat them all easier. I'm almost never using big game traps but still working. Circling the rift with barricades on highlands is better for prevent some flips over barricades.

    This method in highlands is the strongest yes, some variations on my build, reached wave 31 easily with gabriella and 25 rifts points.
    Unfortunately, spend most of my consumables and unchained for other waves and lost it.

  • lielsliels Member
    After many tries I was able to solo Avalanche with a strategy largely similar to Varthftw.  Some comments:

    • Plan on unchaining on wave 22 and 23; I don't think the cyclopes and TNT archers on those waves can be handled otherwise; having a 3rd unchain handy for 24 and the TNT archers there is also  helpful.  In other words, don't unchain before 22 'cause you need it after that.
    •  Similarly, I found a scroll of the unchained more useful than caffine potions for the map.  In my winning run I ended up using it on 24 even though my unchained meter was almost full a 3rd time (IIRC I had unchained resonators in the ceiling ballistas).
    •  Mana siphon in the tar helps a lot.  I did it with one XP and one mana but would try with 2 mana
    •  I found spike wall more useful than boom barrel rollers; I was just not impressed with the damage they did, even to hordes.  I'd rather place 2 spike walls (I found good places for 2 others but those ended up being more cute than helpful) and use the balance of the trap cap on yet more ceiling ballistas (everything old is new again; the beta strategy of a horde of ballistas on the map is still dominant even with all the strum and drang of nerfing and balancing; that goes for scortchers as a dominant floor trap as well).
    • Debilitation resonators in the scorchers and wall charger (or wall blades) seem to help a lot; naturally stamped parts and double springs helped as well.  With debilitation resonators in the scortchers and wall blades it seemed that wall blades performed at least as well as wall chargers (the electric explosion did not seem to be worth it) at ~ half the cost.  I had fire triggers in the wall blades, spike wall and ballistas.
    • The 'cades that block off the barracks can be placed 2 deep in a way that absorbs the kamikaze kobolds on wave 12; they can be spaced out quite a bit and double struts + wall building PhD will absorb the last runner.
    • I think other heroes could solo the map with that strategy.  I did fairly well with blackpaw, for example.  I think he would be able to keep horde going south down the west wall chewed up almost as well as Ivy with his wound the prey / slashing claws / bite.
    • I'm not sure if Smoulder could do it also, but possibly naptha instead of spike wall would be worth trying.
    • The map largely felt obnoxious; There is one set of grind to know where to be on the truly dangerous levels, and, once a good strategy and tweaks were in place it was mostly re-playing it over and over to practice waves 19-24; and it takes > 30 min to get there each time.  I'm not sure that I'm glad I took up the challenge of the map.

  • Sou1ReaperSou1Reaper Member
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    Basic endless tactics, make the longest paths possible with many viscous tars and some physics trap (here many push traps)
    We reached wave34 at 2 players this way easy meanwhile we can't beat the 29th wave alone :(.

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