Release 1.08 for PS4 - October 10

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New: Chaos Trials Game Mode

Chaos Trials are a new and exciting way to play Survival.  Players will occasionally discover "Chaos Keys" when playing matches in Survival, Sabotage, Endless, and Weekly Challenges (they have a random chance to be acquired after a match).  These keys will have an associated challenge level (Apprentice, Warmage, Master, and Rift Lord) as well as random additional modifiers for playing a map within those difficulties.

Each time a team (1-3 players) defeats a chaos trial tier, their chaos key will be upgraded, adding additional modifiers into the mix.  However, be careful, each chaos key only has three lives!

Chaos Trials are the most rewarding way to play OMD!U.  They offer a chest after every victory including increasing number of skulls based on how far you get.  Furthermore, Chaos Trials feature a leaderboard to track your best performance relative to other players.

Chaos Keys can be randomly discovered through playing other modes, by completing certain achievements, through daily login rewards, or via the Premium Shoppe and store.

New Feature: Fast Restart

A highly requested feature has finally arrived!  We have added the ability for non-matchmade games to be restarted by the party leader (you cannot restart Chaos Trials or Sabotage games).  

New for Sabotage: 

  • Temple Graveyard is now available in Sabotage mode!
  • Frost Giants
  • Minions Drop Grenades Buff: Causes player sent minions to have a 50% chance to drop grenades on death.
  • Teleportation Staff: Drops a staff that will teleport enemies to a random location if they stay within its area for several seconds.

New: Skins

Skins have been added for the following heroes:
  • Smolder
  • Hogarth
  • Ivy
  • Stinkeye
  • Max
  • Cygnus
  • Midnight
  • Gabby
  • Bloodspike
  • Bionka


  • Control resistance now reduces the magnitude of slows, rather than the duration.
  • MANY achievements have had rewards added to them.  These rewards are retroactive.
  • Serpent Guardian (formerly a promotional item) has been added to War Mage, Master, and Rift Lord chests.
  • Trigger parts no longer drop in apprentice and War Mage chests.
  • Players may now re-roll each quest once per day, rather than a single quest.
  • "Win 2 Sabotage Games" daily quest has been changed to "Kill 450 minions in Sabotage".
  • "Win 5 Matchmade Games" daily quest has been changed to "Kill 1200 minions".
  • Terminology for abilities has been updated to "primary attack, secondary ability, third ability, fourth ability, and fifth ability."
  • Leaving a Sabotage game will now cause you to lose rank.
  • Fixed a bug where Kobolds were 20% faster than intended.


  • Quests have been added to the daily login reward pop-up on login.
  • Quests now have minion icons and ability icons to better indicate completion requirements.
  • Damage, coin, and combo fly-offs have been revamped!  These fly-offs are much smoother and have a much smaller performance footprint.
  • When players leave in non-Sabotage games, a message is now displayed, indicating that the game has re-balanced.
  • Added a new "Battle Pass" section to the shop.
  • Added a new "Skull" section to the shop (separate from gold).
  • Many dashboard elements now have a higher resolution.
  • Sabotage enemy mini-maps are now slightly more opaque.
  • New loading screens have been added to the first three maps of apprentice and the first map of warmage.


  • Explosion sounds have been updated.  There's fewer duplicate explosion sounds; sounds are now more unique.
  • New sounds have been added for when players teleport through portals.

Balance Changes

Medium Earth Elemental
  • Health reduced by 20%.
  • Infamy no longer reduces the damage of Deadeye's primary attack against a single target.
  • Infamy splash damage lowered by 25%.
    Developer Comment: This change was based on community feedback.  Players didn't like that there was a trade-off to obtaining infamy stacks.  As a result, the buff now simply adds area damage, rather than also reducing primary damage.
  • Bouncing Bomb cooldown reduced to 9 seconds (from 12 seconds).
  • "More Misdeeds" weaver upgrade no longer provides cooldown reduction for Bouncing Bomb.  This was never intended.
  • "Hip Shot" buff duration increased to 5 seconds (from 2 seconds).
    Developer Comment: This change was based on community feedback.  Players didn't like that Deadeye needed to use her dive skill off of every cooldown in order to maximize her damage.  As a result, the buff now persists longer than the cooldown of the skill.
  • "Outta the Way" roll speed increased by 50%.  Distance remains unchanged.
  • "Outta the Way" now provides invulnerability for its duration.
    Developer Comment: This change was based on community feedback.  Many players commented that Deadeye's dive skill didn't really feel like it gained her distance.  In addition, many players noted that they were taking massive hits while diving, which is what the skill is intended to avoid.  As a result, we have increased the dive speed and made the skill provide invulnerability while active.


  • Devious Allure cooldown reduced to 12 seconds (from 15).
  • Devious Allure cancel slow duration increased to 3 seconds (from 2).
    Developer Comment: We have decided to make Devious Allure a more "attractive" skill to use.  Many players are avoiding using the ability entirely right now, especially in group play.
  • 1st weaver upgrade now also provides 50% mana cost reduction to Blink.
  • Final weaver upgrade cooldown reduced to 15 seconds.
  • Blink now teleports you in the direction you are moving.
    Developer Comment: Players have asked for the ability to more easily control the direction of Gabby's blink for a long time.  Our argument used to be that we liked the skill ceiling associated with teleporting backwards.  However, since we made her a starting hero, we decided to revisit the design decision.  We hope this will make the ability more useful at all levels of play.  Be warned, it can take a bit of getting used to if you are accustomed to the old functionality.


  • AMBUSH! cooldown reduction weaver upgrade changed to 50%, rather than 5 seconds.  This results in no effect on the power of the skill unless stacked with other cooldown reduction sources.


  • In Your Faces cooldown reduced to 12.5 seconds (from 14).
  • In Your Faces mana cost lowered to 45 (from 50).
  • Absolutely Stunning Bolt cooldown reduced to 11 seconds (from 12).
  • Absolutely Stunning Bolt mana cost reduced to 45 (from 50).
  • Primary attack damage increased by 10%.
    Developer Comment: Maximilian is simply weaker than many of the other heroes in the game.  Since he is also a starter hero, we want to prioritize a few all-around buffs.


  • Passive updated: Now gains 5% max mana with each battle level.
  • Soul stack messaging has been moved to "Haunting Spirits".
  • Fixed a bug causing Oziel to gain far too many stacks from "Vexing Surge".
  • Fixed a bug where Oziel would not gain the full number of souls from certain weaver upgrades.
  • Fixed a bug where certain effects would not trigger if a minion was killed with Haunting Spirits active.
  • Oziel max soul stacks increased to 300 (from 75).
    Developer Comment: We revamped Oziel in patch 2.3.  These changes were oriented around making him more useful in modes other than Endless and Rift Lord levels.  However, we also recognize that this has made the hero more generic.  As a result, we made several changes based on community feedback: Bringing back scaling mana (but not damage) and increasing his soul cap to 300.


  • Fixed an issue where Smolder's mana costs were higher than intended.


  • Re-fire delay slowed by 10%.
    Developer Comment: While this is likely a change that will have mixed reception, we have been struggling to make other ceiling traps (and other traps in general) compete with the Ballista.  As a result, we are making a small nerf to the ballista traps and making many other options SIGNIFICANTLY more powerful.  In addition, we have also made other ceiling traps more accessible on high ceilings by increasing their range.

Big-Game Zapper:

  • Vertical range increased by 1.
  • Cost reduced to 500 (from 1000).


  • Damage reduced by 5%.

Cursed Ground:

  • Cooldown lowered to 15 second (from 36).


  • Health increased by 40%.

Quarter Pounder:

  • Range increased by 0.25.
  • Cost reduced to 750 (from 1000).

Fire Cracks:

  • Damage reduced by 5%.

Floor Scorcher:

  • Re-trigger delay slowed by 20%.
  • Damage increased by 10%.

Ice Vent:

  • Charges increased to 30 (from 25).

Lightning Rod:

  • Vertical range increased by 1.

Overload Trap:

  • No longer disables floor traps that do not deal damage.
  • Trigger delay increased by 1 second.

Power-up Traps:

  • Buff duration increased to 24 seconds (from 15).

Shock Zapper:

  • Vertical range increased by 1.
  • Damage increased to 400 (from 350).

Floor Spikes:

  • Damage lowered by 5%.

Summoner Trap:

  • Damage increased by 40%.

Trip Wire:

  • Placement collision reduced to a 2 trap width (from 3).  Effect area remains the same.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where Arcane Phaser would regain its charges during Go-Breaks.
  • Fixed an issue where minions were getting stuck in walls regularly.
  • Fixed a bug where Stunning Accumulator was affecting all minions, rather than flipped minions.
  • Ring of Last Stand now properly provides 3 seconds of immunity.  It was only providing 1.5 seconds before.
  • Smolder's passive no longer knocks back mercenaries.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing hero death sounds not to play.
  • Fixed an issue where achievement rewards were not always shown.
  • Fixed an issue where community events could be shown in the wrong language.
  • Fixed missing icons for Poison and Homing keywords.
  • Fixed an issue where bosses' drain life would continue functioning while stunned.
  • Fixed an issue where post-game stats would very rarely fail to report.
  • Fixed a bug causing Oziel's achievements for soul collection to not function properly.
  • Minions will now be killed if they are knocked against the wall on Throne Room.
  • Fixed an issue where firelings would not explode if the player is standing still.
  • Fixed mismatching icons for Debilitation Resonator.
  • Fixed several situations where the iMage could get stuck when spawning.
  • Fixed an issue where ballistas would revert to lower-tier textures when disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused minions to dramatically backtrack on Crogon Keep.
  • Many ability tooltip fixes.
Temporary Fix:
Endless games will cut off at 40 minutes. This short term solution will help mitigate the crashes that some players are experiencing that prevent earning rewards from Endless games. Our team continues to work hard on a resolution to the crashes.
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  • OrcNoodleOrcNoodle Member, Early Access
    Was the blue screen issue fixed? Update on it? I know the workaround, but it still happens after ~40 minutes for me on endless.
  • WafflefootWafflefoot Member, Robot Entertainment
    I'm trying to pull some back end info to look into your Blue Screen issue, can you PM me your PSN ID so we can look up your game history? Would be much appreciated :)
    Quality Assurance Ninja, Master of the Two Star Village
  • CzassityCzassity Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hi Everyone!

    We have some news on the PS4 Blue Screen Crash like we would like to share.

    While we are still investigating the error and it is our top priority, a temporary fix was placed in this Patch which PS4 Players should see take effect when entering Endless matches.

    Once an Endless match has loaded, a default time limit of 40 minutes will be set. This timer continues during breaks in-between waves, and once the 40 minute mark is reached, the match will end in a Victory screen. While the timer may make certain maps more difficult to reach 5 Stars on, it also prevents a player from walking away from time spent in Endless matches empty handed as a result of blue screen crashes which occur later in Endless matches.

    We know this bug has been a source of immense frustration, and while this fix may not be ideal- it provides a temporary solution while our technical teams continue to search for a permanent fix.
  • Glad to hear about the blue screen progress, thought you guys forgot about us. 
    PSN: turtleshitslow If anyone wants or needs help with the chaos trials or survival. 
    Account Level: 60 I know good par strats and i'm open to new ones. 
    Mic is a must, no squeakers.
  • Also I've noticed I only blue screen when I go unchained, a boss is summoned, a mercenary is summoned, or I use an ability hope this helps
  • I feel this "temporary fix" is more of a negative setback for PS4.

    Ending the game at 40 minutes does not help us at all.

    Especially to us players who haven't 5 starred the last few maps.  

    If there is an issue with your servers  where it can't handle the stress because they need updated improvements or possibly new servers. That would be more believable and understandable.
  • Im having an issue while trying to play OMDU on my vita while I'm away from home. The layout of the vita controls places R2 and L2 at the bottom of the front touch screen which means you cant move aim and fire at once. Also as there is no configure controls option on PS4 that I can see it's means I can't play 

    Can you please either change the layout of the Vita controls so L2 and R2 moves to the rear touchscreen or allow the option to add a controller layout to the game?
  • WafflefootWafflefoot Member, Robot Entertainment
    When we last tested the Vita control scheme, the L2 and R2 buttons were definitely on the back touchpad for us. We're going to investigate if this was changed accidentally during one of the updates. Thanks for the report! That would be pretty unplayable to not be able to move, look, and fire at the same time.
    Quality Assurance Ninja, Master of the Two Star Village
  • @Bloodymoney
    When we last tested the Vita control scheme, the L2 and R2 buttons were definitely on the back touchpad for us. We're going to investigate if this was changed accidentally during one of the updates. Thanks for the report! That would be pretty unplayable to not be able to move, look, and fire at the same time.
    Thank you!
  • I feel this "temporary fix" is more of a negative setback for PS4.

    Ending the game at 40 minutes does not help us at all.

    Especially to us players who haven't 5 starred the last few maps.  

    If there is an issue with your servers  where it can't handle the stress because they need updated improvements or possibly new servers. That would be more believable and understandable.
    I second that.

    I felt kind of stupid making a post when I first encountered the 40 minute cut-off, thinking it was a bug. Why in the world wasn't it listed in the Updated History? lol considering it's specific to the PS4, one would think it would be important enough to list it in there (after all, the Update History is decently lengthy in the Version 1.05 notes, so it's not without precedent). Come on here to see it's posted way down at the bottom, with a whole 2 sentences devoted to it, as if it doesn't change anything in Endless.

    But more on topic, I do think it's actually impossible to 5 star any of the Master/Rift Lord Endless maps with this current temporary fix, as my best attempt with Frostbite has been wave 22. Since I can only get so far now, it mostly makes it a worthless mode until they remove the time limit (just due to wanting to earn more coin for Empty Pockets). If I would have known they were going to do this, I wouldn't have completed all my Survival maps with all of the characters. I also already have completed the first 5 maps of Endless with all the characters, which means they literally barred me from completing the only thing I had left to do lol

    My only guess is that the fix is trying to reduce the number of enemies to solve the crashes. By restricting the time, it restricts the number of waves, and hence reduces the amount of enemies. From what I could tell though, it's a processing problem, as the only crashes I ever saw were when I had a ton of enemies while I was utilizing Haymakers.

    I also don't believe it solves the problem. At one point, I was playing Endless Throne Room with a friend, and he crashed within 20 minutes. I was also playing Temple Graveyard (on Survival) with another friend, and he crashed as well. Both of these instances were before this patch though.

    I personally haven't crashed since I turned off a lot of my game options, as was recommended by another post somewhere around here. I did manage Eventide Fortress to wave 26 or 27 (pre-patch), no crash or anything at all, and that has a ton of enemies on it. The reality is, they didn't really fix anything, but simply made Endless not worth playing.
  • edited October 2017
    Hi there @Fairbanks ;

    The Master maps such as Frostbite and Highlands, are able to complete 5 star and is 100% obtainable within this time frame of 40 minutes.

    For me being a somewhat casual gamer it is challenging, but it is obtainable for the master maps.

    Its the Wall and Avalanche which are more of a struggle to complete within the new time frame.

    I would occasionally watch the top ps4  Endless player stream to get tips and advice.

    On Frostbite he was able to complete Wave 25 in 25 minutes. This guy is insane though, no go breaks etc.

    On certain maps he said forget about the high combos/score and go for speed instead due to the error code.

    Just straight rush to beat the Bluescreen I remember him saying in the chat when I watched him pass "Wave 60" on console. He said if he went one more Wave he would Bluescreen and just let the enemies into the rift on wave 61. 

    His strategies have definitely helped me a lot. Just a bummer because ever since the update, he has been MIA.

    The last stream of his I saw, he beat the #1 players top score on PC - Endless, but on console. If I recall it was the shark island map. 
  • Hi there @Fairbanks ;

    I would occasionally watch the top ps4  Endless player stream to get tips and advice.

    would you mind give his stream link?
  • I'm sure he wouldn't mind me posting it up here to promote. but for whatever reason he may not, I will just send you a PM.

    Thats why I didn't mention it in post.

    as far as "speed runs" are concerned, this is definitely the person you want to see if he is still active.
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