A Look into the Future of OMDU!



  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello Axony,

    Take a look at this post and you'll see that you'll get a lot more than a hero and 2 maps in the next update ;)

    French Community Manager
  • I am really sorry.
    3 MAPS, so I'm busy for 30min instead of 20min
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there Axony,

    I can see that you are a little underwhelmed, but there is more (a lot more) than just the 3 maps and Yi-Lin coming. We will be revealing more and more of what's going to be in the update on special streams each thursday so hopefully you'll find some more things to look forward to as we get closer to the release.

    Was there something you had thought would be in the update which you were excited about and are disappointed it's not there?
    I know you've shared some awesome ideas and insights about OMDU with us on the forums in the past so I would love to get your input on what you thought should be / have been in this update or what you think we should put into the game in terms of a long-term goal for players to work towards.
    German Community Manager
  • I must say,

    I still come visit the forums for news on new content, and see overall where development is going as I haven't really felt much drive to play the game in it's current state, even though it's been progressing, and I fear like every time I come I see less and less news, and less and less engagement from the community, I feel like the game is slowly being let go off, I'm not here to criticize or defame anyone, just personal thoughts and feelings about the game, I still see a lot of the same issues a lot of people had with the game still present.
    I know it's impossible to please everyone when making a product but it's a little disheartening to see, and now PC is tied to PS4 releases meaning we're going to wait for Sony cert as well in order to receive new content.
    And I don't know if that's because the team is getting smaller or just because it is indeed easier that way. I'm still holding out and hoping the new updates are going to make me want to play again for more than just the daily mission, when I even feel like doing that.

    Just putting it out there.
  • deathmoon2deathmoon2 Member, Master Founder
    hi i think a good idea for the futur of orc must die is  skin for the traps  and this will be funny you can sell that for gold  and thi can helps you much for finacing the game evolution  . And to much player really like to have this for customize her traps :)
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