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Before you ask a question, I ask you to only keep one thing in mind: The game is currently (6/7/2017) launched (woop!). That means if your question is "How does this work?" or "If I do this..." - It's perfect! Ask away! If your question however is more of "Why did X" or "Does this design seem stupid?" - please don't ask those here. Feel free to ask them in general discussion! The game's in constant development, feedback is welcome - so post there and start discussion! But this thread is for confused new players that are trying to figure out the game still, not questions related to why something is implemented the way it is. Thanks!

Basically: If you've got a question as a new player, ask it. We (the community) are all here to help.

I wanted to make this first post as kind of an FAQ.

Q: I need help! How do I contact support?
A: going to will direct you to your local version of OMDU's support. You can submit a ticket there, they usually get back to you pretty quickly. You can use that for issues with the game or bugs. If you have feedback on design, please leave a forums post instead. That way we can all discuss it!

Q: I can't get into the game, to add a friend or pick which map I want! What's wrong?
A: The game requires you to play or skip the prologue to reach this menu. While I recommend playing the prologue for anyone new to OMD!U (especially anyone new to the OMD franchise) - it is not strictly necessary. Admittedly, I honestly don't remember where the button to skip it is - so if someone sees it, please give me a shout out.

Q: I've been gone awhile. Where is Siege Mode? (The PvP)
A: Siege mode was removed. The game was hard to maintain both Siege and Survival, and Robot chose Survival because it was performing better. You can find more information here.

Q: I've been gone awhile. What happened to all my progress?
A: Similar to the question above, when Siege was removed the game underwent quite a few changes. Because of this, progress was wiped. Specifics about what was and wasn't wiped can be found here.

Q: What is Sabotage mode?
A: Sabotage mode is very similar to survival, but with a twist. In survival you defend the rift from minions; pretty simple. In Sabotage mode you still do that, but there is another team doing the same thing as you. Each wave, you get to choose from a minion card and a spell card. Using these cards will send the minions and the spell's effect at the enemy team! The first team to lower their enemy's rift to zero wins! If both teams have the same amount of rift points at the end of the match, the match will enter sudden death and send minions relentlessly until one team loses a rift point.

Q: What happens if I buy a hero?
A: That hero becomes permanently available to you. This means they will appear for you in hero select from now on. You can take them to any match, other than the weekly challenge.

Q: What is account level, and does it affect anything?
Account level starts at 1, and maxes out at 100. You must be level 8 to play warmage difficulty maps, level 20 to play master, and level 40 to play rift lord. There is also a minimum level requirement being decided upon for sabotage. Aside from needing a specific level to access certain content, level also scales your health and damage within matches. Details courtesy of TimeMaster:
HP and Damage are boosted by account lvl, They go up exponentially. 

Damage is around 4x times higher at lvl 100
HP is some more than 2x times at lvl 100

Q: My account level is over 1. How come whenever I load into a match, my level is 1?
A: This is because there is also in-game levels. When a match starts, you will always be level 1. At level 2, 4, 7, and 10 you can pick weaver upgrades to make your hero stronger. In-game level caps at 20. When a match ends, you will start your next match at level 1.

Q: How do I increase my account level?
A: Your account level gains experience for any match played. There are certain factors that go into the exact calculation of how much experience you get. Level difficulty (compared to your account level), as well as the time you spend in game, whether or not you have a survival booster, and other factors are all taken into consideration.

Q: Can I increase the speed that I level up in-game?
A: You can! When you get a minion kill you get a little bit of in-game experience. You can amplify that experience by earning combos (next question, if you don't know what a combo is!). Also, there are traits and trap parts which can help improve how quickly you level.

Q: What is a combo?
A: Combos are kind of what they sound like. If you do multiple sources of damage to a minion before it dies, it will give you a combo. Comboes have many benefits, such as increasing your in-game experience, how much unchained meter you get, coins earned, and score earned per minion kill. You get one combo point for each damage source, and the higher the combo, the better the effect.

Combo specifics are a pretty in-depth discussion, but I know one of the confusing parts is if fire Damage Over Time (DoT) effects stack. They do. If I use a brimstone and a firecracker trap, I will have 2 combo stacks (1 DoT from brimstone, 1 DoT from firecracker). If I use a brimstone and my teammate uses a brimstone, I have 1 combo stack (1 DoT from brimstone).

Q: I played OMD1 and OMD2 and never had an unchained meter. What is that?
A: Unchained meter is a new addition in Orcs Must Die! Unchained. Essentially, as you kill minions this meter fills. Also, lightning bolt drops on the ground help fill it up. Once the bar is full, you can unleash it (or go unchained) to instantly restore your health, mana, skill cooldowns, as well as gain power, reduced cooldowns on skills, and a higher mana cap, for a short time. Going unchained at the same time as your teammates will make the effect last longer.

Note: Filling your unchained meter and using it will make earning it again in the same match more difficult. This is to prevent you from constantly spamming it. It is usually best saved for difficult parts of a match, to ensure that nothing slips by.

Q: OMD1 and OMD2 never had "trap caps". Why am I limited on the amount of traps I can bring into a match?
A: OMD1 and OMD2 had the advantage of being run locally, which means your computer was responsible for every action (damage calculation, minion movement, attack, etc.); OMD!U is run on a server. This means every action goes out through the internet to the server, is calculated, and is sent back. It makes playing with friends substantially easier (and less laggy), as well as validates the scores going into the leaderboards so they would be far harder to get an incorrect score up there. However, the downside is that the game must limit how many assets (minions, traps, guardians, etc.) are spawned. This means limiting the maximum number of traps.

Q: Can I heal guardians?
A: You cannot! Once placed, guardians stay put until they die and cannot be healed.

Q: Can I heal my traps (such as barricades, decoys, etc?)
A: This is more complicated. Barricades and Great Wall traps can be healed by a trait called Wall Building PhD, which heals them over time. Summoner Retainer traps can be healed by any ability that can be used on other heroes (to my knowledge). Some traps can be reactivated by a Gnomish Repair Kit, which may be a way to recharge their "Health" (such as brimstone).

updated 7/14/17, as of patch 2.2

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  • youcefyoucef Member
    yesterday i bought 100x spike trap in the shop for 1120 skulls but i dont knew where to  equip them pleas help on this ans thanks 
  • @youcef you can use them to upgrade your spike traps. click workshop then spike traps and then you can upgrade them using skulls.
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  • Do you think there will be more trophies via future dlc on the PS4 ? I think more people gonna keep playing the game if they can unlock more trophies .
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