Water Gardens Master 10minutes????

there is no way to finish it in 10 minutes i have played it almost 10 times my best score was 10:50 i am 85 levels come on devs give me a break.... great content but par time is wrong


  • im so jealous right now :))
  • Why is that
  • I feel you. Even as the Rift Lord standard the par time is a little bit too difficult to reach, not to mention it's only a master map.
  • İ didnt try the new rift lorda yet
  • i am jealous because i dont get to play on that map that you are playing right now. it was a joke anyway  =)
  • İ feel ya ok
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    I've 5 starred all of the new maps except this one at account level 94.  I've gotten it down to 10:06 twice now, but the enemies just don't come out fast enough.  I agree this map seriously needs a higher par time.

    ~Edit: I did finally beat it with a 9:51 by pushing as fast as I could using kill boxes at each spawn.  They just don't come out fast enough to make this a reasonable master level par time.
  • We 5 starred this map with 3 players all account level 100.  We killed everything at the spawn doors and immediately readied up at go breaks.  The par time window is exceedingly tight.  We got par time by just a few seconds. 
  • Seeeee devs hear us out which one of you have finished this in 10 mins these guys are 100
  • We tried it 3 people today. i used boom barrels with deadeye . they didnt even get a chance to leave their gate but we made it 10 20 wtf... which heroes and traps did you use ?
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    I don't remember all the details.  I know I played Stinky and covered the door on the left side.  I barricaded one side of the square, set some traps and just murdered everything as it came out the door.  My teammates did likewise at their doors.
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    Seen the topic while the maintenance was still ongoing. First try solo as Deadeye, didn't even feel like I was breaking a sweat tbh. Regardless, one of the tougher par times.

    Just go with traps at the gate entrance (Wall traps (Blades for me) being the most important on the left, Floor Scorchers + Flippers on the other ones, guardians on top and left. Always clear in the order of Newest gate -> 2nd Newest -> last, kill the rifts before minions so you can be back to finish the last spawns asap. 9:30 or even 9:15 is possible.
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    I soloed this one with Max. For damage-wise, I am lv100 and I used Feeling Fierce(10% extra damage trait), Overachiever(+1 battle level at the beginning), one rage potion, floor spikes, arrow wall, pounder, and big game hunter ballista. No barricade. I had 9 seconds left rip. Floor spike op? 
    So this is how we add small words under our post/comments.
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    Well rift lord maps were too easy. This one bothered me...
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    One more vote that this par time is insane.  I cleared Master-level Castle Gates (level 40-45) in 8:30 (par time of 11:00) without really pushing my pace at all.  But I've tried the fastest, most aggressive playstyle about 5 times now, not pausing for Go breaks, and can't get below 10:32.  There are some tough par times in this game, but this is the first one that's felt like a mistake.
  • there is no way to finish it in 10 minutes i have played it almost 10 times my best score was 10:50 i am 85 levels come on devs give me a break.... great content but par time is wrong
    Lvl 89, managed to get 5 star on all maps, including the Master Water Garden one...I played midnight, but you basically have to rush everything, including killing waves before they even stepped out of purple barrier, and still only managed par time at 9:59.

    Trap up left side so they are able to solo that side, and trap right so that you can leave some leftovers and immediately jump over to top and slaughter the wave there.

    It is completely ridiculous...99% impossible, and it really should be at least 11 minutes.
  • I like the hard timer.

    But it wasn't that hard for a seasoned player like me.
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  • The fact that the fastest times posted so far only cleared par by 12 seconds kinda proves the original poster's point anyways.
  • ShadeDevShadeDev Member, Robot Entertainment, Early Access, Apprentice Founder, Featured Developer
    Thanks for the feedback.  We will be adjusting the par time in a future patch.
    Doug Houserman
    Robot Entertainment | Lead Balance Designer
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