#GamingForRecovery Charity Stream Event!

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Hello everyone!

Throughout the month of April, there will be a charity event benefiting my mother every Sunday, beginning this upcoming weekend. I hope everyone can come and hang out and enjoy some gaming for a good cause! All info is down below! No donation is required, but of course would be very helpful to her!

Charity Event Info

The event's main host on Twitch will be GuilteTV. www.twitch.tv/GuilteTV

  • The event will take place on each Sunday in April (9, 16, 23, 30) starting at 4:00PM CST and ending around 11:00PM CST.
  • We will be playing OMDU during the beginning of each stream for 2 - 3 hours.
  • During the OMD streaming, we will be giving away the ever so amazing Lionheart skin to some lucky viewers! And yes, that means more than one!
  • After OMD ends, we will be doing more gaming outside of the epic OMD universe, but you are more than welcome to stick around and help us raise awareness for the event! Every person and every little bit helps!
First, before I get into the reasoning behind this event, I would like to thank the Orcs Must Die / Robot Entertainment crew for being absolutely amazing and being a part of this event for my mother. They have been nothing short of epic and have also provided a way to help promote the event through their amazing game and fans. I would also like to mention that Toronto eSports, the professional gaming organization, will also be gaming with us and for the event! I hope everyone can join us on OMD and more!

Now For the Story

On July 16th, 2016, my mother suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm along with three major strokes. It was a tremendous battle for her life for roughly two months. After two months, they deemed that she would finally be able to come home, and was nothing short of a miracle that she survived at all. Fast forward another six months, to this day of April 3rd, 2017, my mother is doing very, very well considering what she went through. She is fully coherent, remembers everyone, and can make decisions for herself. She has shattered every doctor's expectation of what the outcome would most likely be, and I am very thankful to still have her here with us. This woman not only beat breast cancer 10 years ago, but now she has almost conquered a medical emergency that less than 10% survive. The only thing currently holding her back is that she is partially paralyzed on her right side, which mainly causes issues with not being able to move her right leg and foot. That is being worked on daily with therapy to try and get it going again. Doctors say she has a very good chance to walk again, as well!

With that said, as you can imagine, even with insurance her medical and living costs just continue to rise. Without being able to work, and thus not able to produce any income, she is in need of some assistance. Many of the people that I know, along with new friends I have met along the way of creating this event, have come together to put this event together in order to hopefully raise awareness and gain some donations for my mother. Each donation will be used for her daily living costs as well as her medical. I have also wanted it to be known that personally I am not doing this just for donations for my mother. Due to being bedridden for quite some time, she feels as if everyone has forgotten her, or doesn't want to help her. I wanted to do this to prove to her that people can come together for a good cause and to help people out, no matter what the problem is, even people she does not know. She will be watching the stream during the  event and I want to make sure she has a good time along with myself and everyone involved, watching or playing.

You can view the whole story and updates on the GoFundMe page at the link below. Please check it out, share it to any and all, and help spread the word. Thank you all very much for reading this long post, and I hope to see everyone at the stream!


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  • Thanks so much for sharing, JBHeroRF.

    We here at Robot are really looking forward to the streams and are happy to be able to contribute some prizes in support of the cause. It's fantastic that you and your friends have come together to support your mother in this way.

    We'll be tuning in! :+1:
    Robot Entertainment | Former Community Manager
  • Thanks JBHeroRF

    Looking forward to the stream! I'll be sure to tune in for you.
    All the best
  • JBHeroRFJBHeroRF Member, Early Access
    Thank you! DAY 1, HERE WE GO!
  • JBHeroRFJBHeroRF Member, Early Access
    First night went well! Did OMD for the first 2 hours, gave away some of the amazing Lionheart skins, and ultimately had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who added me in OMD and joined us on the stream. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to see everyone there for next Sunday!
  • JBHeroRFJBHeroRF Member, Early Access
    I would like to say thank you to everyone from the community that came out to hang out with us! We ended up doing 3 hours this time around, based on your votes, and will be doing 3 hours next week as well! We also hit 50 viewers at one point! Thank you all for your support, and even though we're continuing on tonight with more, we will be back with OMDU next Sunday at the same time! Hope to see everyone there! SABOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I hope this goes really well for you JB, it was fun tuning in and I really respect and appreciate Robot for their commitment to helping out with this as well. I would love to see some of the more premium players Host your channels on Twitch when they go offline, and redirect some of the traffic towards you all for Orcs streaming.

    Robot is terrific when it comes to this kind of supportive outreach; SixOkay actually helped me with something a few years back in regard to a deaf friend, since the first games had no audio accessibility without subtitles, he ran and dug up the script transcripts that previously I was simply editing into videos for her  for the first two games. I respected that and the outreach with things like AbleGamers quite a lot from you guys as well. It has a huge impact making things accessible to those players. Keep up the good work to both sides.

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    Hey guys! 

    We are a week removed from the #GamingForRecovery streaming event and I wanted to thank each and every person that visited the streams, donated, tweeted us out, shared the GoFundMe on Facebook, or just gave us a simple thought. You guys rock. The community here is amazing, wonderful, and very kind. We were new here and welcomed in with open arms; not just by OMDU themselves at Robot, but from every person in the community. The streaming event is over, but the GoFundMe page will remain open for anyone that would still want to share or donate!

    A huge thank you to Harmonia for promoting our stream, talking about us, and spreading the word. Without her, the event would have never got as far as it did. We were just a group of friends coming together wanting to do something for my mother to make her smile, and we were extremely successful with that.  Truly amazing. I can't say it enough Harmonia, thank you.

    This was a great success. Much more than I ever imagined when I started the planning process for it. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

    FURTHERMORE! We dare not stop there. We will continue to be a part of the OMD community by streaming EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY going forward. Stream times will be 6PM - 8PM CST and will take place at www.twitch.tv/cnf1ct

    We hope to see everyone there watching us flub up everything as usual.
  • Allready donnate :) a great way for helping child !
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