Challenging friends

Was thinking it would be fun to be able to challenge your friends to sabo matches, for example if you had 4 friends and you wanted to 2v2. Or just two people who wanted to 1v1 (Or 6 for 3v3). Take out any rewards, experience, or rankings so nobody could cheat their way to the top of the leaderboard, maybe even make a separate challenge mode. Could also help with being a sort of sandbox mode so people can practice cade and trap strats. Also wouldn't have to wait for a match.


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    We agree!  :)
    Doug Houserman
    Robot Entertainment | Lead Balance Designer
  • But what about consumables? are they made all unlimited use in order to not loose something for real games? it would be better like that since winning in friendly matches won't make you higher on the ranking system, and you would just loose consumables for nothing
  • Yeah I guess that's how you have to do it. Just so it has no effect on actual sabo
  • We also need level limits in Survival. Trying to get 5 Stars in Rift lord but I have to play with lvl 0-10 players and I'm lvl 83.
  • This would be awesome for PS4. I would love some split screen versus or co-op options for PS4 also.
  • @Brasegapok making all of them unlimited would be a nice way for people to be able to learn what all of them do. Eg: Polymorph you get to choose your victim, stun is random. It would probably really help the overall sabo community as people could learn to play in a less intimidating environment and high lvls can have fun games against guildmates etc without risking each others rank.
  • @Exuro92 Survival already has level limits. A level 0-10 player cannot queue for Rift Lord unless they are already in a party with a player of sufficiently high level. 
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