can someone please tell me which file is the spitfire.ini?

ManceRaderManceRader Member
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 i keep having a problems playing any type of game in OMDU from survival to sabotage, i can enter the game but i cant start any match, it keeps telling me that "OMDU has gotten into my computer and caused mayhem" a friend told me that i have to delete de spitfire.ini file in Config as this link says but when i go to that location i cant find any spitfire.ini file this i was i find .


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Not sure why but the path is different for me than what you are showing on the pic:

    As for the files, pretty sure it means all of them, I have these:

  • Its the same, it just doesnt show the whole path. I figured it out in the end, you have to delete all the files. But thx
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