No money, help me

It takes me 5 minutes to get into the game and when I appear I have no money, how can I fix it?



  • The money not spawning happens if the match starts before you get in.

    What are you playing on ps4 or pc?

    The loading times are based on connection and cpu. On ps4 it has constant cpu so check that you aren't slowing the internet connection down by downloading things in the background.

    PC is a bit more complex. As it depends on your hardware. Most modern computers can load in (my laptop a few years old is fine). To increase the cpu check if any programs are running in the background and avoid windows 10 as it slows it even further. Or change the graphics to low as that will improve the loading times.
  • my brother experience this as well.

    with team of 2, the pool money suppose to be split into 2.
    i get into the game early, and him took veeery long time to get in. in the end, i got all the money, and he got none.

    so yes, to "fix" it, you should reduce your 5 minutes loading time somehow.
    my brother upgrade his RAM's notebook from 2GB to 8GB. now he got into the game at the same time as me :)
  • I play in a PC but is not a very good pc, but i love this game and i want to play good
  • And when i play i only have the game and discord open because i play with my friends, and i've got 4 GB of RAM, 64 bits, and is a Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU N2840 @ 2.16GHz.
  • There is several things you can do to maximise CPU:
    • Put on low graphics settings so it takes a shorter time to load.
    • Play with a friend with a faster pc so if you don't get money they will.
    • Play a smaller map to load first like baths. So the maps after will be quicker to load.
    • Don't put the dashboard into full screen mode since it lags more.
    • Play on the standalone client since then steam doesn't take cpu.
  • Before you said this to me i've got it like you say, but how can i low the graphics settings?
    I've got the resolution in 800x640 or like this.
  • I already did all this. My friends tell me that I enter the game, suddenly i disconnect and then re-enter, but when this happens I am on the screen loading the game
  • To change it to low graphic settings enter a map. Then press esc, settings, then find graphics and put it to low.
    Also you can turn off minions dead bodies exploding everywhere. Special effects can also be lowered and stuff.
  • Okay I am some what an expert in playing on a slow computer. 
    marcush04 said:
    I already did all this. My friends tell me that I enter the game, suddenly i disconnect and then re-enter, but when this happens I am on the screen loading the game
    If you minimise and then maximise the game when this happens you will get pass the loading screen it should look like this...

    If you then click yes you will then enter the game. I think this is due to time out between the server and the computer.
    I am currently in a conversation with one of the support team to try and get this fixed. 

    Oh and don't close the program manually because it will do some weird stuff... Game doesn't start/ Game won't close
    It might decide to run in the background for no reason :/ 

    If you are on Windows 7 or 8 check out this... 
    Keep it secret, Keep it safe.
    New? Here are some Game Tipz.
  • This does not work, I already had the graphics to the minimum and if I minimize and maximize the game I am on the load screen, any solution?
    how can i turn off minions dead bodies exploding everywhere and Special effects can also be lowered and stuff?
  • Here is where they are on the settings:

    Gibs is bodies going everywhere. Blood and stuff. But these won't effect load times it just improves your frame rate in game.
  • Step 1: Buy PS4
    Step 2: Download OMDU
    Step 3: Profit

    Alternatively upgrade your PC or get a better one.
  • Ok... , when i'm in the game and i restart the game it loads more fast and i have my money but i can't do this in all modes
  • when I was on an older laptop the first game always loaded slow and after that it was okay. Not sure why but it seemed to play nicer on subsequent rounds.

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