Will fire fiend minions have their own voice lines one day?

Dear developpers,
I wondered since the fire fiends came out if we were going to have their voice lines changed.
because right now it's a mix between order minions and unchained minions.
the runners fire fiend could keep the satyrs voices. I wouldn't mind, because it fits quite well, but i'd like to hear some other voices for the fire fiend warriors: i would like to hear a more intimidating voice than the silly orcs voices
and also the fire fiend warlocks, mostly because the fire fiend warlocks sometimes mention "order" which is not their faction.
My point is that right now the fire fiend minions are just a mix of 2 factions which is already pretty sad, adding them new voices would make those minions a little bit more unique and less a rip-off from other minions.

Talking about unique, hopefully we could see new fire fiend minions in the future, if flying minions comes back in the game, we could actually have fire demons that would fly and act like sapers, literrally crashing into heroes or barricades and explode (for balance issue when killed they wouldn't explode), they wouldn't cost any rift points so players could actually just ignore them when they don't present a big threat.

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