AAcicods playground.

I will use this thread for If i decide to do fanart and also YouTube videos related to this game. X’D we are not a channel where we show you how you can do things...i would say more of a humour gaming channel...not serious...we are not very serious x’D but if me and her figure out ways you can do maps and if you would be intrested to see that just let us know. X’D

We tryed chaos trails the other day and it did go very well (sarcastic) x’D she had the «fun» lag where everything you want to happen happens. X’D like Yey we won the lottery x’D i had lag too but not as exblosive as hers. X’D it was super fun but the result was Kind of expected. X’D the YouTube channel belong to me & @muffinwoosh.

Water Gardens & hard maps <
3: (this is Kind of in wrong place but i hope it’s Okey if it stay here?)
but water garden still cant get 5 stars on but we have at least 4...we are allways around 10-12 minutes then i mean we past the time we need to get 5 stars..i have tryed out many different plans by different people but still get the same time so i dont know honestly...would be more realistic if the time were 10:20-11:00 minutes specialy in master...because something need to be done to even make this possible...i feel in way this map is at  same level as the maps in rift lord. X’D but i love a hard times so i dont mind it...i also found docks eventide in master also gave me a hard time get 5 stars...far from as hard as water gardens...the biggest map i feel like 4 stars is perfect x’D it’s all eventide maps combined into one...and muffin call it the purple maze x’D she not a fan of that place..,i’m a massive fan so i been there to much in endless lol...i would have loved doing that place in endless with a team because i been going alone because she clearly not wanne go there lol. X’D i honestly would love more of big massive maps because i love that... this game have surpassed one of my favorite games  that have been on my favorite list for almost a 15 years x’D
AAcicods = AA: Cloud Iridescence | Circle of Dreams.


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    Yes indeed we are a fun pair, come and join us in all our crazy adventures as we go along in Orcs Must Die Unchained :D Its hard to believe that we both have been playing this game since the summer and if you look through our play list you can see the improvement of where at first we kinda sucked and then eventually got better. Generally we're not very serious at times and like to have fun and its usually the dialogue which makes everything funny.

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