How can I get the serpent guardian?

please it would help a lot 


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    Harmonia said:
    I can confirm that the Razer Guardian will be coming to chests very soon! Some skins are exclusive and won't be reissued but others will be available on PS4. There will be several new chests coming in the near future for PS4. We're still finalizing these details so we can't share any more quite yet. I know it sucks to hear that, but we'll be sure to include new chests in the patch notes and you'll see them in the dashboard as well and we'll update our article to reflect which skins are and are not available as soon as possible.

  • I actually just got him the other day and I'm lvl 88 right now. He's kinda hard to get, I think most people get him when they're high lvl xD
  • It was newly added not long ago so there may still be some confusion on this.  It used to be a promotion only guardian but was recently added to standard chests.  A friend of mine literally got his today at level 32.  I am level 94 and still don't have one so chance is chance.  That being said, you can not get it out of Apprentice chests, only War Mage and higher.
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