Minion Health Bars

Hi, thank you for your continued work on OMD, but can I request an off toggle for Minion Stat bars as I really don’t enjoy seeing waves of red bars charging my traps, its ugly and distracting.


I can see that I can toggle:

‘Show Stat Bars for Minions’ and ‘Always Show Maximised Stat Bars’


But even with both toggled off (no ticks on either) I still face waves of ugly red bars.  Please give me an option to not see them at all (or only the unit I'm attacking).


  • TimeMasterTimeMaster Member, Early Access
    The option ‘Show Stat Bars for Minions’  works for me on PC.

    Also pressing 'X' if you have default keybindings.
  • ChrisHillChrisHill Member
    edited December 2017

    I see what you mean about X.  Unfortunately it didn't help.


    I can confirm for the first minute or so of gameplay (with stat bars off) very few stat bars are visible on screen but after about a minute it descends (for me) into waves of red bars with ‘X’ making no noticeable difference on the numbers of stat bars on screen.

  • I confirm. Tried unchecking the option for the minion bars, didn't work. It's quite annoying.
  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Thank you for alerting us to this. I will pass it along to the team right away!
    German Community Manager
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