Will we ever have an even harder "Challenge level" than Rift lord?

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Dear developpers,
I was wondering, since there are so many new minions for sabotage that do not show up on the survival list of minions, could it be possible to create yet another difficulty for the players to complete? It would include all of the upgraded minions: armored satyrs, armored giants, mountain trolls instead of the regular versions, they could even have the crogon hatchlings to the list of minions.
It could also be a way to have once again those bigger versions of the orcs created with the hero bionka when siege was still a thing, and also add soldiers and fire fiend warrior versions of them.
more unstable rifts would open at the same time, more mercenaries as well, more resistant minions etc...
It would be a very new and refreshing challenge for high level players to complete and a way to add new minions (flying minions? :o ) and maps to the game.

Maybe it's pointless to do since chest reward for high level players isn't that much useful but still, I enjoyed seeing those harder versions of regular ennemies on sabotage and i would like to see them on survival as well with new features added to it.

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  • and how about armored fire/frost ogres which would be bigger versions of the regular ice/fire ogres with an armor to resist physical damage as well?
  • I’ve accepted the answer, but i‘m still curious if the developpement team would look into it or just let the game be like it is, please let me know when they have decided so i can stop thinking about it. 
    Sorry if this comment is rude or anything. 
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    I have shared this post with the dev team if that is what you mean? They might not use your idea 1:1 but there are certainly aspects that are quite interesting. Apologies if that is not what you meant.
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    At some point of the development (maybe still is around somewhere), there was an unreleased fifth bucket. Codename 'Archmage'.

    But The Wall and Avalanche Endless for example should belong to a fifth bucket according to their minion levels.
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