Where is the best place to find the Community challenge targets?

So we are on Objective 2 of the Community challenge Order Giants, and I am spending my day just trying to find a zone where I can get more than 2 per run.

Can anyone tell me the best Zone at each Mage level to find Order Giants? and if you know that, do you know where all of the upcoming targets are too?

Thank you very much for your indulgence with a Noob.


  • Hmm, I've been doing endless Throne room. If you reach wave +/-35 you should get around 900+ light soldiers, 300-500 giants and unknown amount of Grizzlies (will know when the goal is unlocked). As for the target number, I would also like to know but, I have no idea.

    If you're low level, it really depends, I'd say, if you're around lvl 30-40 and have access to Rift Lord, Throne Room rift lord would be good, if not, at the same level, Orcri-la should be fine to get some giants too in master difficulty.
  • They only spawn on Master and RL maps. You can refer to this link for the spawn count: https://orcsmustdieunchained.gamepedia.com/Giant
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