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Anyone else experiencing extremely long "Loading..." times after a game ends?  I get the screen with the sea of orcs (and one Ogre) and the animated gears icon with the "Loading..." text and the gears and sea of orc animations just freeze for 30-40 seconds, move again for half a second and freeze again and it continues like this for several minutes. Also, when starting a game, the game is freezing intermittently when trying to select heros/traps.  This has been happening since last night.


  • Yup - pretty slow for me [PS4, EU] at the moment, too

  • Having the same issue on my PS4. Long loading time after a match and the menu screen does freeze for a several seconds when selecting icons. It seems the issue occurs right after a match and not when initially booting up the game.
  • I'm having trouble navigating the UI. Constant skipping and freezing. 
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    Hey there folks! We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our PS4 servers and the team is investigating the issue. Apologies for the trouble and thank you for your patience and understanding everyone! I will let you know as soon as we have any updates.
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    this happened to me also last night, once i win a level its fine until we have to reload the client then it never gets past the loading screen before we see after-match scores and stats. i have to restart the game after every match.
  • Noticed it yesterday. Cycling through tabs is a hot mess right now. They’re sticking. 
  • 'ning,
    Yup, sure is - logged a ticket with support yesterday, it's also tooth-grindingly slow once you finish a game and the 'Loading' screen appears before the game summary screen. Server issue, last update I read.

  • A ticket to support. Excellent! I see the issue has been addressed. 
  • Worse then ever today. 
  • My game just freezes when i open the workshop... 
    This is really annoying. 
    And is it just me or are there alot of bugs in this game? I have finally decided to make an account because the number of issues is just insane.

    And i hope you guys fix the framerate of the game on the ps4. Why does it take so long? I mean i am no programmer or something but why not have an option to downgrade textures or something by half. Surely that will help?

    I just want a constant framerate, i dont need 60 or whatever (idk what the highest framrate is on ps4) but a constant 30 and lower settings would be a good start... 

    Or are we still in the ps3 era?

    And this game need better ingame descriptions and explanations about things like traps.(some descriptions were modified i see) for example how does armor work? Is it flat or is it a percentage? Or am i just stupid?
    The game could also use a bestiary with stats like damage health etc. 
  • Yup, started yesterday some time after we completed the first community quest. It was fine prior to that. If you close the game it will still have all your rewards, which is what I've been doing. It's still a massive pain and hopefully they fix it, because despite wanting to play the game I also don't want to have to be forced to close the game after every match. And the performance problems in menus are really really really bad. Can barely even pick a new trap without a problem.
  • This would have been a nonproblem if they had just released the game like normal. This always connected internet tech they use is buggy.
  • Spent over an hour today with a group of friends trying to play a game of sabotage.  There was always one person who never got the "launch" prompt while everyone else waited helplessly.  While queued up, you knew you were in trouble when you watch the timer and it freezes and jumps every 20-30 seconds. :(
  • there is a big issue with frame rate on the ps4 that needs to be fixed

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