Patch Update 2.6 - Endless Mode - 40 Minute Maximum Time Limit on PS4

Currently under "Patch Update 2.6" - All Endless Maps can be 5 Starred within the 40 minute maximum time limit on PS4.

I had received a few messages in regards to these 2 specific Rift Lord Endless Maps - The Wall and Avalanche - about the 5 star being unobtainable in the 40 minute time limit.

Hope this will give some kind of inspiration to my fellow orc slayers that are still looking to complete.


  • I hate the 40 minute limit
    cuts off 39 minutes on my ps4
    There are two achievement reach wave 35 and 45 Good luck with that one pmsl.
    It should be re-named how can it be called endless with a time limit. 
    Why does it have to be connected to a server if your playing solo. Play it. Die. then connect to send the data. Done
    It would free up there servers and might even sort the lagging and fps they are having issues with.

  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hello guys,

    The team has been hard at work trying to isolate and resolve the issues causing crashes in endless mode on PS4, but we don't have any new information to share yet. I'll make sure to give you an update as soon as possible.

    Sorry for the inconvenience it might cause and keep on slaying!
    French Community Manager
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    Hey I’m back in action.  both of those achievements are obtainable in 40 minutes - complete Wave 45 in under 40 minutes - Works best on Baths Endless
  • rayleiraylei Member
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    pray for big technological advancement. Hardware limitation too op. Believe it or not, PS5 probably won't do it either.

    So this is how we add small words under our post/comments.
  • ElvickElvick Member
    Bully for you. I get cut off as low as 34 minutes at times, or usually 37 minutes. It's rarely ever actually 40 minutes as the cutoff. Would love if they just tossed a name change to the mode until the mode is actually endless, because it is really annoying. I wanted to see how far Bionka could go in Endless Banquet Hall, but I can't since the game doesn't function properly.

    Blaming the hardware is silly. If they optimized the game it'd be fine. Tone down the effects, there's often too much visual noise in most games anyway. Would also help the framerate.
  • @ Elvick - Tip - When you start match, you want to ready up as soon as possible otherwise if you are setting up traps for a few mins, it will deduct time.

    Also keep in mind if you pause the game it will also deduct time, so that may be why you are seeing the cutoff at such inconsistent times such as 34 or 37 mins etc. The total obtainable time seems to be at 39:55 if you hustle fast. 2 seconds to back out of hero info & a 3 second countdown to start match.

    While it is unfortunate, we just have to make the best with what we have for now. Which was why I felt inclined to 5 star all the Endless maps in under 40.

    Idk just trying to look on the positive side of things, because it’s much easier to dwell than it is to push yourself to new limits if you know what I mean - not directed at you - just in general. 

    I saw you’re post a few mins ago about the controller config and since you seem like a reasonable person, I will let you know that there is a few different Visual effects options you can turn off in game on PS4 which have helped me big time  since back in the day 

    But no matter what if you get about 50 enemies playing ping pong with push traps, it’s gunna lag regardless. But some heroes are better in the lag than others.

    different heroes you use may give you more or less framerate issues, regardless of the number of enemies on the map.
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