Endless Banquet Hall

well, good to see they still haven't fixed the bug where endless banquet halls disconnects. 40min into the match and disconnects. I would like to know when my lost coins and skulls will be added to my account. I've lost around 5,000,000 coin spent, about 6,000 skulls and 900 experience.... not to mention my time in this already over-the-top unnecessary grinding game. 


  • sashimiaksashimiak Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hey there. We have a fail safe in place for PS4 that will automatically finish games at the 40 minute mark in order to prevent the loss of rewards. This means you should be receiving any and all rewards for the time you played before the fail safe happened for each match. If this isn't the case it is a bug we aren't aware of. Do you happen to remember when the last match was where you disconnected and didn't receive rewards? I know it's frustrating but it would be quite helpful for us to know so we can take a look at your match history and try to figure out what is happening. Apologies for the trouble.
    German Community Manager
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