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    Even after the content is finished in a basic form it still has to be tested and balanced. Tencent chose to release some content during their ongoing beta that Robot has chosen to continue working on and has released more recently and will release very soon.
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  • Thanks for being open and clear about what was going on. =)
  • Axony said:
    Teck said:
    You know I keep seeing mentions that content releases are too slow for OMDU, but I played Smite, Crossout, and a few other F2P games and to me it seems that OMDU has the shortest time gaps between content releases in my experiences.  Are these comments based off some specific examples I'm not aware of?
    shortest gap? 
    Just to inform you about the hero releases

    Zoey released 2014
    the next new hero (not talking about a bit reworked ones) was Deadeye in 2017.

    Disclaimer: i do not include reworked heroes like Bionka for example because they are nearly the same as their alpha version except the minion interaction

    Those are 3 years between hero releases.
    And it will clearly have a big gap after Yi-Lin again because Yi-Lin and Deadeye are developed by Tencent.
    Firstly, I said content, not specifically heroes.  Secondly, as the devs had mentioned, the game was basically just an open Beta.  It is often forgotten that early access is just another term for open beta.  Then again, the term beta doesn't seem to mean what it does a decade ago anymore either.  At least the expectations from a beta are different.
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    Axony said:
    so this means robot has holding back with content that was already finished and ready to release?
    IIRC Yi lin & Deadeye were China-exclusive for a while... it's a pretty common practice to do exclusives, it's not really "holding back".
  • And why can siege not come back for players with play experience, like lvl50 or higher, and pls go up with the Lvl Limit, me and my friends reach soon lvl 100, and we search some collectable things for the late-game play, like new traps or something other new stuff, dont look only for “new“ players, pls look that the players will stay at Omd!U and didnt need to think, oh no, i have all done, search a new game... long players need something to collect, and i didnt mean trophys, i mean new traps, special maps, or make a creative event, where players can make her own maps with Blender, C4D ot other 3d SW, or like sandbox with diffrent moduls....

    Thats my ideas, i know, much write fails, but sry, i m german. 

  • There is nothing to do once you 5star all maps and maxed every Trap to T7.
    It's hard to program content that keeps player busy for weeks in this kind of genre.

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    The main goal isn't to 5 stars everywhere and max all traps to tier7 at all. This is only the beginning lol.
    You have to improve yourself and play sabotage or just try to climb leader-boards, don't say there is nothing to do, this is the longest part actually since you can always improve your skills to become better.
    And don't forgot to have fun as well.
  • i was Sabotage Diamond 1, once you up there you can only loose rank.
    not wortk playing anymore
  • Why not a spin-off? The MOBA siege but in a different tittle, something like Plant vs Zombies(tower defense) and Garden Warfare(shooter), the same characters but in videogames from different genre. 

    But now it isn't the right time for a new MOBA, there are too much in the market. My opinion is the future of no-AAA videogames will be the toy-to-life games with the off-line option. 
  • I hope so @LuisCarlos17f
    Would totaly support your idea, Siege as a single standalone game.
  • I interpreted a comment from a certain stream once as a hint that there may well be development of a spin off coming (perhaps on another platform). I'm not sure the words spoken were intended to convey that meaning or not. 
  • I do wish siege would come back, never got to try it out, and from what people say, it does sound found, with the exception of current hero abilities (as a midnight main, her right click attack would destroy pretty much anyone, which would be silly), so, in siege mode only, change character abilities and for the rest, keep them as they are seems like a good way to not split the community's player base, and not affecting all the game modes just because of a new one.

    Sabotage has it's flaws, specially, and this might be some old salt, but the premade issue in siege people mention here, still happens in sabotage, for example, premade teams coordinate their sends at wave 1, and sure there is luck involved, but 2 matches in a row, suddenly, 2/3 send armored Ogres and what not that deal too much damage and suffer too little from lvl 1 characters, add that with long cooldown and or who knows, 2 if the map is long, and for pick up groups, it's the end, a match that doesn't last even half the time the queue takes. These are quite rare, but they do happen, and sure it was skill from the other team to know the best sends to go with, but, it's equally bad for new players to take those waves and spend 5 minutes on queue for a game that probably was lost at the first minute. Which leads to the problem of the current matchmaking due to low population. You can end up being paired with very new ppl, no matter what your level, and that's fine, more than happy to play with new people, but, if you get (as was in the 2 matches I mentioned) 2 new players in your team, and the other is a triple level 100 team with beast sends, it's auto GG.

    Small note, the sudden death 50% hp penalty is quite annoying too :bleep_bloop:
  • The MOBA market is saturated enough that I doubt a Siege spin-off will do very well.
  • It should be something different, for example a mixture of MOBA and RTS+Tower Defense. Maybe something like Fornite. 
  • «Okay guys, last time we tried Siege it didn't work out and the whole franchise almost died. Now hear me out: what if we did the exact same thing again? But this time it's a whole different game so the team is split up even more and assets can't be reused?»
  • how is this thread still alive.  do people even know what seige looked like?  robot purged all mentions of siege.  Even deleted forums posts about siege. 
  • I was around when siege was still in the game.  It was sorta fun to play defense and offense at the same time.  The loot system at that time sucked big time though.  There was some material that was needed for all trap upgrades, and it was so rare that after a couple of weeks of playing I barely got two or three traps upgraded.  I wouldn't mind getting siege back with the current loot system, but not at the expense of the PvE game.
  • I´ve started the game because of Siege...
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    Basically, Siege was open season like most games but it was too hard for many players to stick with and so Robot made Sabotage, a mode designed to be unfair by it's random nature and allow unskilled players the chance to win. Essentially, Robot was creating a game with the entire purpose of giving bad players that win feel good. Which is one of the major reasons older players tend to hate it and would rather see Siege.

    What needed to happen was Siege be named something else as a brand, as many people came to it expecting more Orcs must Die and got a moba. Then they needed to introduce other supporting modes for players with skill tiers to make sure games don't always result in pup stomps. It really annoys me, since Siege was a lot of fun and was only getting better with secondary objectives and the reworked weavers, and they killed it because they were too scared to come out from under the brand umbrella. Just... No one in the meetings said "Hey, don't you think our players will feel mislead and lied to?"? Really?
  • Thankfully the better player wins 95% of the time in Sabotage.
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