How about multiple rifts on maps?

Dear developpers,
I remember on the previous game (OMD 2) that the player(s) needed to defend 2 rifts/entrances at the same time, why haven't there been any map that included multiple rifts to defend at the same time on OMDU?
It could be a new and refreshing way to play this game, needing the player to strategize even further in order to win, and also a way to bring back some old maps into the new game! Like "the crossing","precipice", "twisted halls", "stairs of doom" etc...

Thanks you for developping this awesome game! I'm looking forward to the future of OMDU!


  • KulinaKulina Member, Moderator, Robot Entertainment
    Hi Brasegapok,

    Thank you for your suggestion regarding multiple rifts! Don't hesitate to discuss this topic further and add new ideas, I will share them with the team ;)

    Keep on slaying!
    French Community Manager
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